Nico Di Angelo RP ^^ (always open) (MxM & FxM)

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  1. If you're taking a look at this thread then you're probably here for this guy:


    I'm up for any 1x1 RP that includes Nico whether I play as him or you do ^^


    If you want to join a cannon group RP and you need a partner, I'm up for playing as Nico or if you want to go ahead and play as him too.

    Throw a comment down below or PM me if you're interested :)

    (I've read up as far as The Son of Neptune but having friends who have already read the rest of the series and tend to 'drop' spoilers I know the general gist of the rest of the books)
  2. Hey im definately interested in this! I like doing MxM roleplays and i love those series though sadly i admit ive only made it to The Son Of Neptune as well. So what are your thoughts around the basis of this plot?
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  3. I'm pretty flexible with anything really and so far maybe a new demigod quest of some sort? (Always been bad with messing around with an already pre-set plot ^^"). As far as the MxM you'd like to do, what did you have in mind for that? ^^
  4. Ya a new quest sounds promising and the good thing about quests is that theres never really a dull moment. As for my character i was wondering on what you thought of if i could make my own instead of having one from the books? Just because i always tend to stray from their original personalities. And, now heres the kicker, what about a demigod but from a norse god? Like loki? Or is that to far of a stretch?
  5. Ah that already sounds like a ball of interesting ^^ and sure feel free to make whatever type of character (with your own CS sheet if you have one too ^^). Big fan of Loki so having a demigod of his roaming around with be a ball of fun :)
  6. Haha alright well this is a character ive made but havent got to use and i have a cs already made so i'll dig around for it!
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  7. Alright take your time :)
  8. Name: Bjorn

    Age: 16

    Gender: Male

    Ethnicity: Caucasian

    godly parent: Loki

    Quite the trickster, jokes around and is very sassy towards others. Though he is goofy and playful he has quite the temper.

    Got kicked out of almost every school he ever went to for causing bad mischief, his mother went a bit crazy due to something Bjorn did though thats a touchy subject for him. He met his father when he was almost killed by a monster and his father sent him to camp a few months ago.

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Powers: Can do a bit of sorcery and a small amount of shapeshifting. Can make his skin go blue and become a bit jotun lile his father and can even do a bit of telepathy though struggles with it.

    Pets: Has a pet Anaconda

    A long thin knife made of black slate and has red and blue gems across the hilt and a medium sized sword.

    Always looking to do some tricks and cause some mischief, he enjoys getting into fights even though he isnt the best fighter so he usually uses his magic to cheat. He has a quick tongue and is usually brutally honest on all subject. He lies rarely but very skillfully.

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  9. Accepted! :) Now we can talk plot. Any must haves that you want in the story?
  10. Not really anything specific but maybe our two characters could not get along at first? I always love it when they warm up to eachother.
  11. Mm yea I already have a feeling that there would be a bit of friction between them ^^ What about the quest? Any ideas popping up? (The only one I can think about is some sort collision between the worlds of the Thor fandom and Percy Jackson Universe).
  12. Ya. Um i cant really think of a crazy plot idea. Maybe they need to find something for one of the gods? Something thats very important thats lifesaving. Worldsaving and they are the only two that fit the prophecy
  13. I think we should just roleplay the situations out and see where things head from there ^^ Got any ideas for how the two would meet? (or any requests for how they should meet?).
  14. Well Bjorn is the son of the god of mischief so maybe he pulls some sort of prank and then gets nico or something? At the camp?
  15. Alright sounds like a good idea ^^ Do you want to make the first post or shall I?
  16. Well i have to go to work really soon but i can start off the first post i think. I'll only be gone a few hours though! Sorry for the inconvience!
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  17. Thats alright and take your time :) PM me or just post in here when you get the thread up and running ^^
  18. It was only 5am and the sun was just starting to rise as Bjorn sat in the bushes, watching the Hades cabin with vibrant green twinkling eyes. Filled to the brim with mischief as he murmured a foreign language of magic under his breath. The trickster had set up a few spells for the cabin and its singular tendant. In a matter of seconds he listened to water break from the sink and spray all over the inside of the cabin where it quickly began to freeze under Bjorns words

    He couldnt help it as he started laughing, falling to the ground as he imagined the gloomy kid waking up at the feeling of freezing ice water splashing around the cabin. The black haired teen fell to the ground clutching his stomach and laughing till he coulsnt breath. Not even caring how much trouble he got into for this.
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  19. Sorry i'll move it to a new thread
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