Nice to meet you!! I'm new x3

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  1. HI!!! I'm Andy and are new to this site. I love rping and hope to rp alot here!! *^*
    I hope to make friends while I'm here too and have lots of fun!!! X3
    Nice to meet you new friends :3
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  2. Hey there and welcome to the site :)
  3. Hiiiiiii Andy! Welcome to the community! :D
  4. I must say Andy, your avatar and signature looks pretty fab XDDD
  5. Thanks guys!! Can't wait to rp!!
    And I know Nat, it so fab and awesome :3
  6. Hello, Andy :)

    Welcome to Iwaku! Hope you enjoy the site.
  7. Hello!! Welcome to the site! ^^ I'm Mittens! It's a pleasure to meet you Andy~

    I hope you enjoy what this community has to offer!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.