Next gen Ghostbusters

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I've been watching a lot of ghostbusters. From the movies to the cartoon. I heard about them making a third movie with a new cast of characters. So I thought why not try this. I'm looking for three others to do a ghostbusters thread about a new generation of busters.

Perhaps we are just random people who would think that they would never hang out with each other. Then one night there is a party in an old run down building and for some reason we all find ourselves there. At the party a real ghost turns up and starts to terrorize people and we find ourself hiding in a cellar, but when a light is turned on there are four proton packs and jumpsuits that look like they have been untouched for decades. The rest is taken from there.

Four archetypes are needed:

The computer nerd: someone who lives for technology and all things nerdy, including ghost.

The popular one: this is someone who is very skeptical about the idea of ghost and this one cars about his image, but at the same time wants to be amazing.

The tough one: this is someone who fights first and ask questions later. They don't like very many people, but those that he does he will be loyal to them to the end. He is doing this for the action

The slacker: this one is someone who hasn't done really anything in his life but try to have fun and avoid work, though deep down they wonder if their life has any meaning. They think ghost are pretty cool so that's why he is doing this. Also to secretly prove to himself that he matters.

I guess post here if your interested in this. I'm looking for people who will commit and post at least once a day and not leave anyone out.
Not open for further replies.