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Alright so I was thinking to myself earlier and figured that the letter could use a little bit of that grand touch that only Iwakuans can give. I would love to see a short story section added to the Newsletter but the only problem is, Pirogeth should not be the one doing it every month. I would love to hear about what short stories you can come up with and who knows you might be able to generate interest in some kind of RP.

The only limitations to the short story is this...

- Minimum of 2,500 characters. Maximum of 6,000.

When you are done with a draft version send it to me via PM and I'll look it over for editing. The due date for these stories each month will be the Wednesday before the last Friday in the month.

December is an exception however as the last Friday is Christmas and I still need time to look over your story. So for this month it will be due Tuesday the 22nd. So have fun everyone.

Writing in the Moonlight,

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