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  1. General Discussion should have a "News" prefix for subjects about current events.

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  2. I get the feeling this may turn into another Debate tag debacle. Certainly, it'd help organization, though.
  3. I don't see why it would; it just gives greater clarity to what the thread's about, not what the thread's FOR.

    you click on 'movies' you assume they're talking about movies, you click on 'news', etc etc.
  4. It may turn out that way because the argumentative shits that start useless arguments in General Chatting will latch onto any excuse that shields them from blame. :P

    That's not a good reason to not add a News tag though, since it would be useful. Those argumentative shits do their thing in some of the current existing tags, so giving them one more thing to ruin wouldn't be a major problem.
  5. Basically. And it's not like all or even most News topics are debate-fodder, so I can't even see shitstarters using it to search by tag and find - for lack of a better word - targets easier :/
  6. I will add it ass soon as I dont have a bug in the prefixcp D:
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