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  1. Not exactly sure what I'm meant to say, but I'm Simplicity. A female roleplayer.
    I've been roleplaying for the past 4 years, going onto 5 years in April.
    I know how things go, but I'm not a genius about it either. & I want to have fun on this site.
    So, if you want to roleplay with me, sure, I'm up for anything. (:

  2. Welcome to Iwaku, Simplicity. We have many people here who have roleplayed for various amounts of time so do not fret ^.^
    If you think you need a mentor then let me direct you here
    I'm Celeste. It's nice to meet you! :D
  3. Welcome Simplicity. I'm sure there are thousands of members waiting to teach or RP with you around here. :)
    I'm Tenbchi-Roku and it's a pleasure to meet you. If you need any other help, then I'm sure the higher-ups can be of assistance. ^^
  4. tenchi, is it weird that i'm a tiny bit jealous that you're talking to her 0.0

  5. Hi there, Simplicity! I see you have found your way to our Horror Group, which gets you big brownie points from me. I'm Ozzie, by the way! Nice to meet you.

    If you need anything, definitely let me know! I'll do what I can to help.
  6. *Whispers* We don't even have a thousand members, Tenchi!

    Ahem! Welcome to Iwaku! :D There are HUNDREDS of members here happy to play just for the fun of playing!
  7. Welcome to Iwaku, Simplicity! Being a horror fan also wins you points from me, too. It's possibly my favorite sub-genre/genre right now. It seems like all the games I've joined lately have had some creepiness to them, hmmm...A growing trend maybe?


    I'm October, hope to RP with you soon!
  8. We have fun here, indeed!
    Welcome to Iwaku and best wishes for you having fun with us.
    I hope you're already having fun, though. :) We have lots of super awesome people here, as you can see by the greetings already.

    I'm Kitti, by the by, it's nice to meet you.
    Take a look around and if you need any help or have any questions, please feel free to ask!
  9. Welcome to Iwaku, Miss Simpleness! :D

    That is awesome that you know the exact MONTH of your start of role playing! I can't remember mine! D: it just appeared like poof! I hope to see you in some rps soon!

    If there is anything you need, I'll be glad to help! Enjoy yourself!
  10. Hiya Simplicity! Welcome to iwaku, where tons and tons of rps happen. Have fun exploring the site!