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  1. I am new to this site but not new from rping! I already fell in love with this site and if i may. This site is the best i have searched! Can't wait to meet new people and come up with amassing stories, building characters and worlds together! Get excited!
  2. Hello there, I'm Vanille! You are from florida? Nice! So am I c:
  3. yep! Im from Miami. love it down here, how about you!?
  4. Oh, I'm in Tampon -coughs- I mean, Tampa :3 There isn't much to love here..
  5. I'm moving to Tampa asap! Love it up there. Everything is less stress on the brain. I have family up there and i love it there. lol tampon!
  6. Hello!

    Welcome to Iwaku...

    where the stories are made up and the risk of addiction doesn't matter!

    -prays you get the reference-


    -then waves like a maniac-
  7. Well, Sir. I wish you the best in Tampa then! And extra careful >_> MOST OF US SPEAK SPANISH :3 That's it. Good luck in the new setting!
  8. LOL you forgot i live in Miami! I know we have more Spanish speakers than Tampa!
  9. Well, pardon for the inturption. But I too, am new and need new friends on here. But I live in Sunny California.
  10. Love cali! And would love to be your friend. What are you into!?
  11. You can have me as a friend too :3 If you want, both of you. I'm okay with it! Love meeting and knowing people.
  12. You know it!