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I have a newbie question for everyone.

I was really quite interested in joining in the RP chat for The Asylum, but I did not get home in time for the start of the RP, so I decided not to jump in. My question is, how do people generally feel about jumping into a chat RP in the middle??? Is it ok to do, or is it generally frowned upon???
This would be a question for the person running the game.

I think, generally, it is alright, as long as you get the O.k. from the GM. Usually they are checking back and forth from the chat RP to the C-box. If you wanted to join a game that was already in progress, the best thing to do would be to get into the C-box and try to catch whoever is running it in there.

Hope that helps.
Yeah, what October says. XD Usually any time during the beginning and middle is totally cool to jump in. Asking the GM and players if it's too late is a good idea, cause they'll be able to tell you if the night has gone too far for a new character to pop in.

If you don't see the GM or players in the Main Cbox room, you can login to the RP Chat and ask in an OOC comment (((like in parentheses like this))) so they know you're asking a question!
Alrighty. That sounds fine. Thanks for the help guys :D
May I take a stab?
Also you can always ask the GM a couple days ahead of time to ask if its alright if he could wait till you get home, or change it to another time and day. Because I'm sure they would be kind enough to change at least the time it starts to another time :D
Not always since everyone is in a different time zone here. Getting the "perfect" time when everyone interested will be online isn't always possible. Posting when you're available ahead of time IS a good idea though to give a GM an idea of the time frame of everyone.