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  1. I was wondering how many ICs of a single roleplay I can make. It's just that I'm doing a roleplay that will come out tomorrow, but the only thing that I need to post are the ICs. I've heard you can create more than one, but I ha my doubts. So, for stay out of trouble, I just wanted to ask.

    Also, can I make my own Group?
  2. You can make multiple ICs though there's a limit and due to the Groups being an add on no longer being supported/updated by the original developers the creation of new groups has been disabled :)
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  3. @Noctis the Devious Ah, thank you for the help, buddy! Yes, I won't make that many ICs, though. I jut wanted to know if I could make more than one for not get into trouble. xD Iwaku's Patrol could use their Police Brute force to pinned me on the walls for mae a spamming crime!!! xDDD
  4. Nah, they'll just throw rocks and other obscure things at you :3
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