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  1. Hey everyone!

    I'm new to IWAKU and my fav roleplays are 1x1. So this gonna be like a list of some things I like and don't like.
    Da Rules:
    ∽ I write long starters. I just do. It's how I am, I can't help it and I'm sorry. I'm talking like 5+ sometimes, if I'm really into the idea/prompt of the RP. I just want to impress you so bad ;-; Never feel pushed to match that length -- quality over quantity -- but I do request you be prepared to always write a paragraph or two. I can't work with single sentence replies.
    ∽ I'd like us to swap TW or hard limits, so we both can be as comfortable as possible the whole time through
    ∽Smut: yes. However, I do want to get to know you first, and your character. I'm not into porn w/o plot at all.
    ∽If you can, I'd like to RP over Skype or email (if we get close, I'll even give you my kik!). But, if we do stay here, I'd like to be shown how to use this place.

    (* what I'd really like)
    Slice of life
    *Crime/Police/**Medical Drama!
    *Romance (Yaoi**/Yuri**)
    Supernatural ((Not the show, I hate the show))

    Fandoms I'm into:
    Gravity Falls
    *****Welcome to Night Vale
    Steven Universe
    Game of Thrones

    Please, please, please check out my resume for more!! Thank you and have a wonderful day!
  2. Hi there! I just read your thread, and I'm interested in rping with you. I don't know if by Hannibal you mean the TV series or the movies, but I really liked the movies. I've read all the GoT books so far, and I love Free!, but I haven't watched the second season.

    Also, I think we could fuse yaoi/yuri and yandere from the list you posted up there. I saw in your resume you are passive when it comes to rping, so if I'm to take the active role, I'd like to be the yandere character.

    What do you say?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.