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  1. Hey guys, I'm Serenity :) I am not new to roleplaying and found this site from its other 'affiliates.' I like all types of RP's and am open to them. I like making snowmen, getting cold and then running back to sit infront of the fire.

    Three interesting things about me are:
    1. You can bribe me to do anything with skittles
    2. I hate pizza and my characters usually share this trait
    3. I am really bad at introductions and should really shut up now

    I can't wait to meet all of you guys :D
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  2. Hi there Aurorah! :D welcome to the community!
  3. Hello and welcome! It's wonderful too meet you! :D I hope you can find your way around well enough, if not, don't be afraid to ask! ^^
  4. thanks so much guys :) I can't wait to get started
  5. Welcome to Iwaku, Aurorah!
  6. Welcome to Iwaku ^^

    Hope you enjoy your stay and find some awesome stories to partake in :D

    ... oh I see you already have. Keep the awesome going xD
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.