Newbie. :3

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  1. Hello! If didn't know already from title, I am new here! I love roleplaying, especially to my most interest of topics, and have been doing it for almost a year now.

    Something about me?

    I'm 17 year old teenager, le male. I've been told I have a great personality, and also that i'm very kind. I am in love with grapes and I like long walks in the park. xD
    What else...Well as my username says, i'm gay. I don't know if you all are accepting of homosexuals; I hope so lol but I am proud of myself.

    So yeah.. love roleplaying! lol

    I don't know what else to say. Hi! :D
  2. Feel free to let you gay flag fly! Nobody cares! XD (In that, thumbs up kinda way!) In fact, when people start saying "That Gay Teenager did ____" they're now going to get confused and ask "which one!?"

    Also, welcome to Iwaku! 8D
  3. Thank you! Hehe, glad to know it's an accepting place. Or at least a place where no one really cares. xD

    I'm still trying to figure out the site. Any tips?
  4. The Community 101 will prolly give you the best and most comprehensive breakdown. 8D

    otherwise, I like to tell people "POKE THE BUTTONS AND SEE WHAT THEY DO!" and then blame them when something blows up. >:2
  5. LOL nice.

    Sounds fermiliar. I probably did that to a previous roleplay forum. *presses buttons* oops. D:

    But thank you again! i'll check the community 101 thing.
  6. Welcome! ^.^
    I am super excited to have you here.
    I am just super excited today! -nods- :D
    I'm Celest.
  7. Hello, Celest!

    I am excited to be here, but I don't know if as excited as you. Yet. xD
  8. Welcome to Iwaku and its good to have you here.

    My name is Bionic and it is good to have a new member here!

    I hope you enjoy your stay and make new friends. =D
  9. Welcome to the Iwaku, oh newbie!

    I hope you enjoy your stay here! Actually, not much of a stay...but... Life. :D Let this Iwaku be a friendly afternoon home you can go to!
    Which means, you need to make some friends! So, why not drop by at the
    Cbox!? You will meet many members chatting away about non-sensiable things! But alas, you shall meet the wonderful people of our lovely Iwaku!

    So yes! Have fun, and welcome again!
    And I am Lovie by the way~ :3
  10. Thank you both! I feel so much welcomed xD
  11. Welcome TGT! I'm October! Nice to meet you!

    Hope you enjoy your time at Iwaku, I am sure you will!
  12. Well I can say i'm much relieved to know i'm much accepted and welcomed here! ^^

    More welcoming comments are accepted though. ;) xD
  13. Welcome! I've only just joined myself, looking to get back into roleplaying :D!
  14. Yay similar interests!

    Of course this is a roleplay forum so I can only assume so. ^^

    Is it reallly fun? :D From the time you've been on here that is lol
  15. It's pretty fun, yeah :P seems as though there's a huge variety in both style and genre of roleplays, so I'm pretty sure that you'll find whatever you're looking for. If not... make it yourself :D!
  16. I shall!

    If you've seen my username that's a big part of it! :P

    But I have opened in the past to much varitey. From zombie roleplays to like star wars. lol XD
  17. Haha, there's a forum for that too, the romance forum. Yeah take a look around, there's bound to be something
  18. I can't find it. D: lol

    Oh well, I shall take a look around! ^^
  19. Welcome to Iwaku! :D

    I'm Selenite, pleased to meet you! Here, have a cookie!^^

    Yup yup we welcome all kind of sexual orientations here. :D
    As long as they are legal ^^

    If you are older than 16, you may join our Mature Themed Group and see the Mature Roleplay forums!
    ...I guess that is what Enyrm was trying to say. But you can do non-smutty romance roleplay anywhere in the site!

    Have a browse, enjoy, and see you around!