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  1. To be honest, my RP history goes back about 6 years, but it's been pretty strictly with one person. I'm a bit shy when it comes to my writing, but I need to expand. Waiting on one person all the time is getting pretty old, so I want to try with someone else.

    That being said, I have a preference for modern realistic romance RP's. I don't particularly care for werewolves or vampires or anything of that nature. Let's keep this strictly human, please.

    I generally do an on the fly plot. I don't like the story to be planned out, I prefer it to surprise me from time to time. I find it more interesting that way.

    I have a thing for boyxboy, yaoi, gay, whatever you would like to call it, RP. Not to say that I want to essentially write out a porno with someone, I prefer the actual relationship aspect to the sexual portion, though I'm not opposed to the occasional scene here and there. I also have a general preference for the submissive role.

    I'm terrible during the first two to three posts, and I'll say that now. My characters are generally shy, but I am more shy than they are in the beginning. I will over think everything at first, but once I'm comfortable with it my writing improves dramatically (this is another reason I try to keep things as realistic as possible. Alternate Universe's throw me off. Unless I invented it myself, I have a hard time keeping up with it.

    I think I've babbled enough. If you have any interest, please let me know, or if you think this is the wrong place for me to be looking, that information would be greatly appreciated as well.

  2. I'm interested. I enjoy roleplaying everything you said, except for the boyxboy yaoi thing.
  3. I'm interested!
  4. Alright. Jazzy, I don't need to do a yaoi RP, I have done several that were not. I guess I should have mentioned that in there, but I felt like I had said too much already. If you want to start one, please let me know so we can discuss characters and the initial setting.

    Layne, If you would like to start a roleplay please let me know so we can discuss the setting and characters, and get started.