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Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Diana, Sep 21, 2015.

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  1. I am trying to get the roleplay resume and user preferences updated now. And because this was such a BIG request, this is getting it's own announcement!

    If you do not want to see Libertine content on the site, you can now turn it off under your Preferences Section.

    It will remove all forums, chats, and categories that contain Libertine content. They will also not come up in searches. NOTE THAT IT CAN TAKE UP TO 20 MINUTES FOR THIS TO COME IN TO EFFECT. This is because it applies a group promotion that runs on a site timer ever 20 mins.

    - The Libertine section of Roleplay Resumes. I am having some trouble with permissions conflicts. But this will prolly be the first and easiest thing that gets fixed. It might even be fixed by the time people get to this announcement!

    - The Character Gallery. For some weird reason the permission settings are completely different than the way the rest of the forum works. O__O So this is not currently an option until xenforo fixes that.

    - The Roleplay Banners. There are some display issues that come up when we try to apply group view permissions, but this is definitely on our to-do list once we find a work around.

    -holds out hands!- Rainbows for a good Diana?
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  2. B-bu-but! I want to show off my tentacle libertine to everyone! D: Tis truly a sad day...

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  3. Thannnnk you Diana. I've wanted this for so long.
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  4. Personally, I'd be happy with something that hides just the Libertine advertisement banners, because they show up EVERYWHERE. I mean, the one 'leashes and collars' thing can give someone the wrong idea about this site as a whole (I'd say that banner is NSFW).

    It's easy to avoid the Libertine threads. Just don't go into those sections. But the advertisement banners show up everywhere, even in non-Libertine sections, so your only recourse if you'd rather not see those banners is to hit 'Refresh' every time they show up.

    So all in all, I think an option that only turns off the Libertine advertisement banners would be a good idea.
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  5. That is why it is on the to-do list. ;)

    Unfortunately we would not be able to add something that JUST hid libertine banners, because that would be a bit of a pain in the ass behind the scenes.

    HOWEVER, I hiiiiiiighly recommend getting the Ad Block plugin for your browser. You can block individual banners without having to block ALL the banners (or all libertine banners). So even if something WE feel is okay for the rotation, you can still make the choice to hide it if YOU don't feel it's appropriate.

    (Plus adblock comes in handy when browsing the internet safely in general. O_O)
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  6. As an adblock user myself since years go, I definitely second this. :D
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