New Year's Resolutions

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    For those of you still on a Christmas high, SURPRISE! It'll be 2016 in a matter of days! Put away those stockings and santa hats and grab some cheesy 2016 glasses and some sparklers!

    But away from the wild party and midnight kissing trying not to fall asleep while we wait for the first second of the new year, we also are generally going into the new year with goals and ambitions we recognize as new year's resolutions. So with that, I pose a question to my fellow forum goers:

    What is your New Year's resolution? Any goals/ambitions for the upcoming year?

    Share away and have fun discussing!~​
  2. Midnight kissing... thats just a start..... :)

    Aniway, resolution. Wel for one, to survive the New Year night, w/o blowing ourselvs up, vith the amount of pyrotechnics that wil probably be going-off in my city all night long. XD

    Beyond that... lets just see vhat the 2016 brings, shal we? I dont like listing resolutions, since I'm 99.9% sure I wont be able to achive them as planed. I like to live in the present and have fun, and not wory too much about the future. It wil bring vhat it brings, and I'l adapt to it on the fly, as I always do.
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  3. All I want to achieve or start working on is /me./ I've been screwed over by people long enough and have neglected my needs as a result of trying to keep the wrong people at my side. I'll focus on me and my resolution will be that and to be happy.

    Cheesy as shit but hey, at one point I gotta.

    and lose that winter weight hehehe
  4. To make New Years Resolution...
  5. To learn to use the Gates of Babylon...

    Seriously how cool would that be! :3

  6. To become a black widow and kill every male in my way. ...old women too.
  7. I feel you sister XD :D ... but then I think to my-self... that wuld be one fucking boring world! Males have ther purpose. :)
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  8. I only mean the useless ones ;^;
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  9. Yess... I can get behind that... :c
  10. To finish a non-academic writing project!

    I try to keep goals nonspecific and within possibility.
  11. To actually succeed at my creative endeavors... more actual writing, role-playing, drawing, painting, improvement. I want to be able to sell my art for extra income. I want to actually be an artist vs. just saying that I'm an artist when asked. How can you be an artist when you spend more time playing video games and posting on forums than writing and painting?

    And, as always: happiness.
  12. Move the fuck home and actually go on vacation.
  13. A. Read more comics! B. Be smarter! C. Be cuter! D. Draw more comics!

    IDK really, I just want for it to be a good year.
  14. 2016... Hehehehehehe... I've been waiting for this year for YEARS now. It's FINALLY almost time to get this show on the road. Me and my friends projects will FINALLY start. If those succeed, i'm gonna be a very well off boi ^^

    But that is only the beginning! That will lead into 2017, the first TRUE world war. Then! Maybe early 2018... The world, will be re-organized, into the FIRST, PLANETARY, EMPIRE!!!!!!!!!!!! (DUNDUNNNN DUNDUNDUNDUN..... dundun dun-dundundun-dun-dundundundun-dun-dundundundun)
    Wonder how many people will know where my 2 references come from >: D

    But really, the first part is 100% legit. the second one is only a dream that I doubt will ever happen XP
  15. Maintain Dean's List
    Get better at putting on makeup
    Get a pet
  16. Perform a hostile takeover of a large roleplay forum that I host... I mean uh... Avoid any downtimes! That is it! Ignore the first bit, I don't know where that came from.
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