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  1. Hello :) in celebration of the upcoming New Year, I'm looking for partners for a good, sexy, dramatic roleplay! Feel free to reach me if you're interested! Here are my rules!

    Limits: My limits are no incest, bestiality, male on male, bathroom play, nor weird fetishes such as necrophilia. As for BDSM, I'm open for a few things but not many. Just ask and I'll answer!

    Commitment: I'm not gonna ask for every second of your time. After all, we all have lives outside of roleplaying! If you're gonna take a few weeks to a few months to respond, PLEASE let me know in advance so I won't get worried!

    Length: At least 2 paragraphs are fine with me. If you want something long and detailed, I can do that but it'll take me longer to respond.

    Pairings: I will do either Female x Male or Female x Female. Hell I'll even do threesomes! For fandoms, I will do Canon x OC or OC x OC. I highly prefer doubling which means we each play one of our OCs and each other's crushes. The same goes for Original roleplays.

    Where I roleplay: I roleplay either on the PM system here or via e-mail. My e-mail address is If you e-mail me, please tell me your username here!

    Here's a list of what I roleplay! If you see <3, it means I highly crave it!

    Anime/TV shows:
    Dragon Ball Z
    Naruto (NO Shippudden!)
    Yu-Gi-Oh (Original, GX, or 5Ds)
    NANA <3
    Peach Girl <3
    Code Lyoko <3
    Criminal Minds <3
    Winx Club
    Sonic X
    Bakugan (any season)
    Bleach (NO Hueco Mundo!)
    Yu Yu Hakusho
    Teen Titans
    Full Metal Alchemist (Original or Brotherhood, NO Homunculus crushes)
    Saiyuki Reload
    TMNT (2003 only)
    Devil May Cry: The Animated Series
    Shaman King
    Prince of Tennis <3
    One Piece (AU only)
    Boondocks <3
    Biker Mice From Mars <3
    Mighty Morphin Power Rangers <3

    House of Night <3

    Fast and Furious <3
    Final Destination

    Video games:
    Tekken <3
    Soul Calibur (2-4 only)
    Devil May Cry
    Sonic The Hedgehog
    Mortal Kombat
    Kingdom Hearts (AU only)
    Final Fantasy (X, X-2, or AU only)
    Saints Row (3 or 4 only) <3
    Dead or Alive <3


    I highly prefer roleplays that take place during modern times! Here are just some plots I'm interested in! Feel free to ask for more :)

    Assassin x Target
    Bad Boy (or Girl) x Good Girl
    Cop x Criminal
    Celebrity x Celebrity
    Person x Womanizer
    Porn Star x Porn Star
    Sex addict x Best friend
    Prostitute x Client
    Threesome/Love Triangle
    Roommate x Roommate
    Best friend x Best friend
    Friends With Benefits
    Criminal x Normal Person
  2. Would be up for any of the original stories.
  3. Sonic x Maybe xD?
  4. Criminal Minds! Yes, please!
  5. Hi, I'm interested in Nana! Would you care to do fxf for this anime? If not, fxm is fine too :)
  6. Still looking for partners!
  7. You wouldn't happen to be interested in a Sword Art Online RP, would you?
  8. Sorry no :(
  9. Ah :/ Alright.

    Well, good luck with your other RPs! :)
  10. Interested. You had me at doubling- most don't like too but I find it fun!
  11. What are you considering? :)
  12. I liked the Criminal Minds, Fast and Furious, and best friend x best friend. :3

    Sorry, just too many good ideas to just pick one!
  13. I'll do either Criminal Minds or Best Friend x Best Friend ^_^ we can probably mix some up even
  14. Exactly :3 Would you like to PM?
  15. Yes please :)
  16. I'd be interested in doing a Dead or Alive roleplay with you.
  17. I'd like to do a DOA roleplay, that is if your still looking for partners.
  18. Teen Titans
    Threesome/Love Triangle
    Roommate x Roommate
    Best friend x Best friend
    Bad Girl X good boy
  19. ooo... yu gi oh 5ds I'm in!
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