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  1. I thinking that I'm still a bit fuzzy on what certain grenres of Rp's would fall under on this site. If I wanted to open a zombie roleplay set in, say, modern day New York, would it be considered Modern Fantasy? Or Modern? What about a Military-centric Roleplay based in say, 2172? Just needed some clarifications on things of that nature. Maybe just explain what range of things could fall under each, such as dice and libertine and those categories. Thank you!
  2. Zombie RPs are generally classified as horror.
    An RP set in 2172 would probably be scifi because of the advanced technology. All the sections have a bunch of topic prefixes that are common subgenres, so browsing those might help! Stuff like "cyberpunk", "dystopian" (Scifi), "low fantasy", "epic quest" (fantasy), "supernatural", "super human" (modern fantasy), and so on. If you're not sure, it's a good idea to look around these and see if the RP fits any of them.
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  3. It would depend on things such as story elements. For example, you say you might want to open a zombie roleplay set in modern day New York. If we dig deeper into the idea of a zombie roleplay set in modern day New York, let's assume it's a zombie apocalypse with horror elements such as suspense and mystery- that sort of thing would go in the horror section.

    Or, maybe you don't want to have any horror elements in it and just have the idea of mythical creatures in modern day New York- that roleplay would go in modern fantasy because it is a present day roleplay that has fantastical elements in it (i.e. the zombies). Something that could really help you out is the simple one-liner explanation at the top of each sub-forum (i.e. modern fantasy, romance, drama, horror, etc.) of what kind of roleplays are suited to that sub-forum.

    You can also hover over the forum names themselves while on the group roleplay and/or one on one roleplay forum pages and find out what sort of roleplays are meant to go in that category. (:
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  4. Thank you both!!
  5. UH SO. I was in the process of adding the fine details to a sign up thread, and instead of hitting preview, I dun goofed and pressed post. I have seen that I cannot edit the main of the thread, so I was wondering if there was a way of getting the thread deleted or such. Also, is someone goes and looks at it, could you also tell me why my spoilers are messing up royaly?? THANKS!!!

    Edit: The thread in question is "The Siberian Sickle" in the sign ups thread for horror
  6. You can edit the first post with the Edit button at the bottom of the post, but if you really want it deleted you can message a staff member.

    I looked at your bbcode, and you repeated the [ spoiler][/ spoiler] a couple more times than was necessary (I recommend viewing the bbcode directly with the button in the corner, rather than using the Rich Text Editor, for stuff like this).
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  7. Ah, gosh how embarssing, I looked and Looked and couldn't see it. Also, thanks, I'll be sure to look into it! Thank you!
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