New to this site! I hope I can get some 1x1s? or even 1x1x1s?

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  1. Hello! I am Flower! I am new to this site but not to RPing and would love to make some new friends!
    I only really like to do 1x1s and small group RP, and I am looking for longer term partners! I do MxM FxM and FxF. I have several ideas!
    I hope I can find someone willing to deal with my newness to this site, that is however all I am new to! all this really means is that I won't know how to use everything here! It looks similar to my usual site (rpnation) but it's not exact! So be warned I don't know everything about how things work here in the community and the interface! I do know how to RP though :)

    Here are some ideas to give you an idea of what I am interested in, I like to build plot with my partner but have a few in mind for all I mentioned!

    Premise and Ideas
    needs 2 other people
    typically needs a posting order.

    Two people (man and a women) have been married for a few years they love each other and are happy together. When a man (or women? I was thinking man.) enters their lives somehow, and they both have feelings for this man and their partner in marriage, and it ends up that the other feels the same way, and when they discover that they all love each other, the married couple decides to open up and they all become lovers. But it has to be a secret. No one can know.

    Now this is not just a sex thing
    They all love each other (it's romantic)
    as the story progresses they learn more about the 3rd person and his life, and then plot progresses etc. etc.
    I would like to play the third party,

    Some Ideas.
    I bolded the parts I would like.

    Childhood Friend x Childhood Friend x Childhood Friend's wife
    CI x Agent x Agents wife
    King x Queen x Knight
    Neko x master x master
    master x master x slave

    In a modern world where slavery is legal and common, two newly weds (man and women, master and master) plan to not own a slave, one of their parents (either the women's or the man's) have other ideas, these parents are lower upper class and as a wedding gift, buy the happy newlyweds a slave. It is unexpected and they don't really have plans for a slave, but figure that the slave (who is male BTW) is better off with them, they can't sell or free him for some legal reason, at least for awhile. The slave doesn't know what to do with his relatively free life, they help him and they slowly become a loving and yet unconventional family.

    Doctor x doctor's wife (or a nurse) x Patient
    Anything else you have an idea for really share with me I am always open to ideas.


    I bolded the parts I would like I do any arrangement, and do doubling (MxF FxF MxM)

    Jock x Nerd
    Jock x Jock
    Human x not-humman (any kind :)
    Royal x Servant
    rich x rich
    poor x rich
    Master x Neko
    Hospital patient x hospital patient
    patient x Doctor
    bully x Bullied
    x Cop

    Fandoms/characters I want to play - I don't love playing OC's in fandoms so here are some characters I like to play I am fine with crossover and most pairings, though there are a few that I will turn my nose up to (I have few NOTPS but the ones I do I oppose strongly too.) So make an offer and we can work something out.

    Sherlock BBC
    Preferred- Sherlock Holmes

    X-Men First Class
    Preferred- Charles Xavier

    White Collar
    Preferred-Neal Caffery

    Preferred- Cas

    Preferred- Merlin

    Hannibal NBC
    preferred- Will

    Avengers & Related
    Preferred- Loki

    Also If you are on RPnation my user name is the same ;)
  2. The human x non human is something I'm really good at. If you want pm me and we can start plotting
  3. hi!! if you're still looking i'd love to do jock x nerd or hospital patient X hospital patient!
  4. Hiya if your still looking I like the jock x nerd, royal x servant (but I dont like s&m stuff) jock x jock, human x non-human, or the Merlin one looks interesting ive seen all 5 seasons =)
  5. If you still want a few more I'd be up for a poor x rich or royal x servant.
  6. I'm interested in doing Royal/Servant and Human/non-human. I have no preference over which we do. I'll be fine with either M/F or M/M
  7. I would be interested in doing Royal x Servant and Human x Non-human, if you're still looking for someone.
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