New to the website! Need People to help me out etc read more inside

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  1. Hello I havent role play in 3 years now but i wanna go back to it. Im not new to role playing at all ! but Im new to website still dont know how to work it. I love wolf role playing! In my profile if you go to the about me you can see that i already set up a character for me! a artic wolf named christina! anybod already have a pack that i can join. Please explain this website to me so i can have a idea. i aslo want people to role play with me lol
  2. Hello! Glad to see you made it to this wonderful complexity called Iwaku. There is plenty of things you can do on here but the number one thing is role playing (obviously). There are a couple of things you can do to be able to get yourself into the normal jig.

    First off!
    The community:

    After you look through the help list and stuff you should be able to get into the fun and games.

    There are also various challenges, writing exercises, and general chatting around the site.

    About Roleplaying.
    If you want to start off small head over to the One X One rps. There you can roleplay between yourself and somebody else. (Such as me for example).

    Otherwise you can write up an application and join other roleplays and such.

    In short try to have fun and write your little heart till it dies!

    Happy trails ~ Eternal
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  3. Hey, Mayflower!
    I actually haven't seen very many wolf packs around these days... Why don't you make your own?
    - - -
    Shoot, I was about to suggest getting together with another member, but it seems she's abandoned us. Sorry about that!
    If you do find some people to wolf-around with, give me a holler and I'll check it out ^^