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  1. Hey it's Tomboy3 here, but you can just call me Tomboy. I'm new to this site, but I've been rping for at least three years now, so I'd say I'm not new to it. I don't have much computer time, with work and school, but I will post when I can. Now for what I've called you here for. The rps. Note: I am really into romance right now, and I really want to play the girl for these rp ideas.

    (The more stars the more I want to do it)

    1. The Perfect Dreamer***

    There's this girl and one night she dreams of her dream guy being her boyfriend and being absolutely perfect. He is no one she's seen before, but she really likes him. When she wakes up she can't stop thinking about how oddly perfect the dream was, and then that night she sees him again in her dreams. This goes on for a while until she finally doesn't wake up again. In the real world she's in a coma or something, but in her dream world she's trapped with him. When she finally wants to stay with him forever she wakes up from the coma. She feels sad, but knows it was all just a dream. Still she hopes to see him again that night when she sleeps, but she doesn't. She doesn't see him again for a long time, and finds herself wanting him. Then a new student comes to her school and guess who it is. She's not sure if she should talk to him or not, but it turns out he remembers her too, in some weird way.

    2. My Brothers Best Friend****

    It is like it says. I play the female who wants to date her brothers best friend. Plot twists include; the best friend doesn't want the brother to find out so he hides the relationship, the brother finds out and is mad he was left out of it, the sister doesn't want to break up the two best friends so she breaks up with him, etc. We can change those or add more as the rp goes on.

    3. Rise of the Guardians- Jack Frost with new Female OC*****

    (I would prefer if you'd seen the movie so I didn't have to explain anything.) This would take place before he became a guardian and kind of during the movie. He would meet this girl, could be a child/teenager herself, or be a mystical being as well. Either way they are in love, but that bad mans out there yet, Pitch Black I mean, and Jack's called to duty. He obviously couldn't be seen by a child/teenager yet if he's not a guardian, which is why I'm leaning more towards a mystical being, but I think I could make it work.

    4. Famously foolish**

    So we start with the typical scenario. This sheltered girl who lives in the country and is home schooled by her mother suddenly finds herself on a plane to HollyWood. Her mothers just been remarried, and she hates everything. Well this girl's walking around after her first real day of school and already knows she'll hate going to public school when she accidentally runs into a famous guy. She doesn't know who he is, but he keeps saying don't scream, keep calm, and junk like that. She's wondering what this guys problem is, and then she tells him to get lost, but he needs her help escaping the paparazzi. She doesn't understand, so he takes his hat and glasses off and she still doesn't recognize him. He ignores this fact and she finally agrees to help him. Twists include but are not limited to; him getting kissed by some random girl from this girls school who she hates and girl seeing, guy getting seen with her and them all over the tabloids, other kids being friends with her just to get close to him, on and on.

    One thing you need to know is that I usually can get in a good paragraph or two, (meaning like 12 sentences on a good day), but not four or eight like most the people on this site. I read some of the other 1x1 things and was totally freaked out, which is why I'm scared no one will reply to this... These are really fun ideas that I wish I could do with someone who won't quit on me; but as I said before I may not be able to rp all the time, and I also need someone who's ok with that.

    Thank you for your time! If your interested in me being your partner but didn't like these ideas talk to me about them and we can work something out!
  2. Hello! :) I am new here as well! Haha I am definitely interested in the first one :3 Feel free to message me if you are as well ^^
  3. Intrested in my brothers best friend
  4. [MENTION=1875]Monster[/MENTION]NomNom- Lol uh... I don't know how to message people yet, though I would if I knew! Because I really want to try these ideas!
    [MENTION=2029]Kronas17[/MENTION]- Great! Since I'm knew (new as in I haven't actually posted on an rp yet) I don't know what kinds of rping there is, pm forum, so you can choose! And once we've decided that then we can get a setting and all that good stuff! :3
  5. You have message from me on your board :>