New to Iwaku and looking to roleplay ASAP.

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  1. It's been a while since I did the whole forum roleplay thing, looking to dust off the ol' keyboard. I'm not too picky as to what genre at the moment, up for anything.
  2. What kind of role plays are you into?
  3. Well, if ASAP is ASAP, you might find yourself most at home looking for something in the Jump In Roleplays forum, where you don't need to wait for character approval.

    Otherwise, an RP I'm in is looking for one more person! Here's the OOC:
    And the details:
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    The premise is that far in the future, mankind is at war with an alien race, and in order to give humans an edge in the war, the human government plans to try enhancing humans by implanting AIs in their brains. To test the concept, twelve civilians have been effectively abducted from their normal lives and each paired with one of twelve distinct AIs that have been created. There's one AI left, and we need a human lab rat to go with it!

    The remaining AI is Sagittarius. I believe he needs to remain masculine and keep his basic personality, and the human paired with him needs to be female (there are supposed to be six humans of each sex), but otherwise, both the human and the AI are customizable however you like! The human should have something to make her stand out to the government for the project and some sort of positive chemistry with Sagittarius. See the existing CS's for examples.

    It's also worth noting that we might be losing our Topaz... If we do, that's an alternate AI you can claim, and you can have your human be either sex.

    If you'd rather be project staff of some kind (medic, scientist, security, etc.) instead of an AI candidate, that's an option too!

    If this isn't what you're looking for, though, that's fine. Good luck hunting! :)
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  4. At the moment I'm looking for anything. Searching for an experience to bring me back into roleplay and grease up those ol' rusty gears. My job also gives me a lot of time to post, so I'm open to a multitude of invitations.

    I've never been too keen on just "jumping in". I prefer to take some time building a character, plan out events for them, find out what makes them tick. I like to really get into my characters.

    I read up on the roleplay you posted and it seems rather ambitious. A lot of work was put into it, and I can respect that. I read all of the info posted and took great interest in Sagittarius specifically (fate?). The brainstorming already began while I was reading his AI description. Although I usually roleplay men, I'll try and make it work. WIll be posting in the thread to reserve Sagittarius- it may be some time until I'm ready to post a CS. Maybe later tonight.
  5. Excellent! I'm glad I could provide something you're interested in. ^^
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