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  1. Two girls. Two lives.

    Michiko Aya is a young girl who has been bullied all her life. She's never had sex, never had a date, never even had her first kiss. And this year, she's graduating Senior High. How many teenagers these days have a slate as clean as hers? Not many, especially at her school.

    She's shy, introverted, and a selective mute. Never speaking. Not to anyone, except one person.

    Her homeroom teacher.

    Hanako Suzuki is one of Michiko's teachers, and the only one the girl will actually speak to. She currently teaches Michiko's first period Literature class, in which there are only 7 other students, all of whom tease Michiko on a regular basis. Hanako has grown to care about Michiko in an odd way.

    Tips About Michiko
    Michiko is the first name, Aya is the surname
    A teacher would address her as Aya-san or Aya
    She is incapable of being dominant in sex
    She can speak, but chooses not to
    She has a crush on Suzuki

    Tips About Hanako
    Hanako is the first name, Suzuki is the surname
    Students would address her as Suzuki-sensei
    Fellow teachers would address her as Suzuki-san
    She teaches the 3rd Year Literature class
    She almost forcefully loves Michiko

    Things To Know
    This roleplay is set in modern day Japan
    The Senior High is High School, and is split into 3 years instead of 4
    The school is mostly comprised of males because of the area
    About 90% of the staff are also male
    The roleplay is a light romance but can be elevated to smut

    This is a Lesbian romance rp
    This is also a Teacher X Student rp
    I expect 8-10 full sentences for posting
    Please use good grammar

    {I have no experience with smut roleplaying and due to Michiko's character whoever plays Suzuki will have to lead completely. Michiko is pretty much completely incapable of pleasing Suzuki in sexual intercourse due to her shyness and would not be able to do much more than react to Suzuki.}

  2. Michiko Aya


    Michiko Aya


    Year 3


    Shuujo High


    Michiko is a very shy individual, to the point of not being able to speak to anyone else in her life, not including her teacher Suzuki. She has chosen to call herself "Selective Mute" and never says a word outside of one single person. Because of this, she often falls into depressive episodes and has a record of skipping school due to rather frequent illness.

    Her parents were murdered when Michiko was three, caught in one of the fires set by a serial arsonist. She had no family at all and was brought to the Hiboshi Center, where she has lived in for the past 14 years. The Hiboshi Center is an orphanage for traumatized children who are unable to integrate into families normally and therefore cannot be adopted or put into temporary care. She has not spoken a single word since coming to the orphanage and a lot of people believe she is mute and cannot speak at all, simply assuming so because they have never heard her speak before. Michiko has been bullied ever since she was admitted to the Hiboshi Center, both by classmates and those she houses with. The bullying has streamed from simple taunts and insults all the way to sexual harassment and because of this Michiko has developed a hatred for other people in general.

    {Portrayed By}
    Spiral AA
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