New Staff Application and small Policies Update!

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  1. POLICY UPDATE: When posting in the RANT threads, Counseling, Blogs or in private Groups please don't mention issues you have with members of Iwaku. Nosy busy bodies will get all up in your business where they don't belong and cause everyone grief! D: If you really, really need advice about an issue leave out the Iwaku-peep bit or speak to one of your friends, or even one of our wonderful volunteers in private.

    We thought we already had this as a written rule, but well... we're dumb. >>;

    We always tell people "be an active contributing member -before- you put in the application!" and this works to a degree, but we've had lots of members say they have no idea how to contribute more and show they are staffing material. XD We now require all applicants to participate through the Community Volunteers program. We're currently working really hard to set up this group with more information on site projects and areas of development for Iwaku.

    Even if you don't want to be official staff, are a retired staff member, or just wanna help for a day or two, Community Volunteers is an excellent place to start!

    We have also updated the APPLICATION FORM. Please send in a brand new form if you are still interested in being a staff member!
    The new form asks a few simple questions about where you are active on the site and what teams you might like to participate in. This will help us review applications better and decide where a member would be most helpful.

    If you have already sent in an application recently (or ever) SEND IT AGAIN with the new form so we have the fresh info and know you are still interested! <3
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.