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  1. Jack knocked on the dorm room, smiling at Jae. "You'll really like your roommates, they're nice guys and they do really good in their studies. This is the only space here we have available, but I'm sure you'll love it."
    Jae just muttered "Okay." and adjusted her navy backpack on her shoulders. Her hood was pulled up, casting the top-half of her face in shadows. Her black hair, cut at her chin, was let loose and framed the sides of her face while her watery blue eyes stared at the bottom of the door.
  2. Penn nearly fell out of bed at the pounding on his door by one of his roommates. "Oi, some of us are studying here!" He called, but the redhead barged in anyways. "Administration's here with the new girl." With that, the brunette got up, brushed himself off, and joined the two other boys as the door was opened. Jack was smiling, and Penn was pretty sure the man had been assuring her she'd like them. They weren't a very rowdy bunch, not at this hour. Penn had a final for one of the classes he'd taken over the summer, and the other boys... well, he didn't really know what they did with their free time. "Hey Jack, how's it going?" He asked, nonchalant.
  3. "Eh, too much work." Jack replied, putting a hand on Jae's shoulder and gently pushing her forwards a step. "This is Jae, she's your new roommate. You are to be nice to her and show her around, this is her very first day on campus.

    Jae stepped forwards only slightly, moving her head only enough to survey the three guys. They seemed nice enough, not like any of the jocks in her high school. She gave adjusted her bag again out of uncomfortability. "Yeah, I'm Jae. I came from across the country where my parents live." Her voice was clear and sounded like the wind almost. Her blue eyes reflected the dorm lights even though her face was still hidden in shadows.
  4. Penn looked over the girl in one sweep from the ground up. She didn't seem too bad, but who was he to judge from looks alone? "I know that feeling, man." He said with a grin and then glanced over at his roommates, who hadn't really said much.

    "Nice to meet you, Jae. I'm Penn, the redhead is Anthony, but he responds to ginger, and the guy with the black eye--again man, really?-- is Tristan." He said, the briefest way to at least inform her of their names. "The question is, is it a good or a bad thing that they're on the other side of the country?" He asked, trying to study her face but having no luck. "I promise you can take off the hood, it's not too terribly cold in here."
  5. Jae looked at each of them in turn as Penn introduced them. "Nice to meet you all too." She said before answering his question. "Both. Good that I can get out of the house, explore, hopefully make new friends. Bad that they want me to call them every night." She said. She did pull the hood off, but slightly reluctantly, her hair sliding back with the friction and she tucked the right side behind her ear.
  6. "Ooh. Tough break on that. My mom was the same way. Got over it about the time I started 'forgetting' to call." He said with a laugh. Tristan took his leave at that point, saying something about a study session with a friend. Penn looked at Jack. "I promise we'll be nice. Go get your paperwork done." He told the man, brow raising in silent question toward Jae, making sure she was okay with the man leaving.
  7. Jae smiled a little at the mention of forgetting calls.
    Jack laughed a little but consented with Penn's words walking away with a wave.
    Jae watched him go with an emotionless expression, but was inturrupted by her phone. "Two seconds, it's my dad." She told Penn, turning to her left and picking up. "Hey dad... Yeah, the plane was nice.. I'm here right now.. They're nice.... I won't, promise.. Okay.. Will do, bye. Love you too." She hung up and slipped the red phone back into her pocket. "Check up call to make sure I made it okay." She said.
  8. A sudden feeling of pride rose briefly when she actually cracked a smile. A generally friendly person, Penn did like helping others when he was able to.
    Jack did leave at his suggestion. The administration of the school wasn't all bad, but they generally didn't grasp when it was time to leave the kids to be kids.
    She got out her phone and he nodded, glancing over his shoulder to where Anthony had taken interest in some flashcards. "I swear, if you get those out of order..." An empty threat, but it got the point across and Anthony put them down. The three boys had taken advantage of the space and a lot of dominated the room. His flashcards, Anthony's Keurig, and Tristan's guitar that he didn't know how to play, to name a few. "Ah, okay. So, do you want the grand tour or would you rather just get settled?"
  9. Jae thought for a second. "I'll put my bag wherever you want it, then I'll take the tour." She decided after a moment. She didn't want to carry her bag around everywhere, but she also wanted to avoid getting lost anywhere.
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  10. He pointed in the direction of where they'd decided she would be sleeping. The dorm was set up for four students, two per bedroom with a common room. As she was a female, they'd been advised to give her a room to herself, at least until she got accustomed, and he had taken the fall and was going to be taking a spot on the futon until classes started back up. "You can put it there."
  11. Jae nodded slightly and went into the room, taking a glance around before setting her bag on the bed. She pulled out a pencil and put it in her pocket before coming back out. She slid her hands into the pockets of her jacket out of habit and tilted her head a little.
  12. While she was in her room, he grabbed a sweatshirt from the couch and pulled it over his head. When she returned, he opened the door with a grin. "Onward and upward, as they say. Lead on." He said, figuring he didn't need to give her a tour of the dormitory hallway. It was pretty self-explanatory.
  13. Jae nodded a little and slipped past him and out of the room, looking down both sides of the hall to find the staircase. She went towards it and looked up, where the administrator had told her most of her classes where, other than drama and journalism, which were downstairs. She took the first step carefully, testing the grip of her shoes before continuing up, looking around when she reached the top of the stairs. Three hallways broke off from the top of the stairs, each one labeled differently. One was math and science, one was english, and the other was history and geography. "Wow, this place is big."
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