New RP type?

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  1. I've noticed that there isn't a "kaiju" type for role plays!

    Kaiju aren't always apocalyptic RPs not are they always Mecha. Same as how war epics aren't always action adventure.

    My only fear is that there isn't a large enough "crowd" for it in the Sci-fi category but I honestly think that if I have too I can always lead the charge!
    After pacific rim and the new Godzilla (both were amazing, by the way) kaiju are starting to make a comeback.
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  2. This doesn't even yield a response?
  3. Sometimes we can't always respond immediately, especially if the topic is not an problem. D:

    If we start getting a lot of Kaiju rps we could add a prefix in there for one! In the meantime they'll fall just fine under scifi or Misc!
  4. @Diana
    I put mine in apocolyptic, I'm such a rebel xD