New RP partner(s)~?

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Hey guys! I've been on the site about a week and a half now, so this request is long overdue! Before I get into possible pairings, here are a few things you should know about me.

- I am only 16. If you're 18+ and will not RP with me because there will be NO sexytime, I understand~
- I adore talking OOC. I think forming some kind of relationship leads to more exciting RPs!
- This thread is tagged as gay, and while that is my preference, I may come out of my comfort zone if it's something very engaging.
- I am open to lots of ideas. The ones below are just things I have thought of, and I'd love to be involved in an RP to sates both partners' needs. If that means bringing up a completely different plot/pairing, that's absolutely fine! But please come to me with something in mind if you don't want the pairings below... I can't make up a completely new concept for everyone who isn't happy with them.

Things I have thought of:

physical therapist x patient fighting spinal injury

business owner x recently evicted employee

singer facing hearing loss x member of the band or sound engineer

forbidden relationship (not necessarily adultery, possible abuse)

rival x rival or rival's family member

If you're interested, go ahead and post here or PM me! Thank you so much for reading <3
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thiiiiis is an acknowledgement that Iwaku does not allow ERP between teen and adult members, myes?

/me isn't sure how to interpret


It sure is! I'll reword it because it does sound kinda iffy.
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