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  1. Hi!!! How are you all doing? Since I'm a newbie, apparently I really can't do anything. So this is my first post. IRL I am a 15 year old boy, who is a rising singing star. I have recorded a few songs for my fist demo. I also play a few instruments, which include piano, djembe, snare...pretty much everything percussion. I love music, ofcourse, I just auditioned for a show at the alliance theater here in atl, GA, which is where I live. And in my music career things are really looking up. :)

    When I RP. I usually stick with one character, which is my advanced steam punk cyborg, but if the rp does not see him as a need, then I create a new one at the spot. I'm usually good with that. I've been addicted to steam punk for a while for some odd reason. I can be a little weird at times when it comes to that. But in all I like supernatural, sci-fi, and fantasy rp's. A little romance *cough cough*. Anyway, I hope I can become a good part of the iwaku family. Thanks for welcoming me.


    Yes, the family always welcomes new members.
    We got plenty of roleplays.... We are just celebrating our Sci-Fi festival, so I bet you will have plenty of chances to join in with your cyborg character!
    I'm Selenite, currently wearing my Cybernite Sci-Fi costume.
    You will love it here!
    Please, have a cookie!

    ...and then feel free to browse the site around- if you need anything, just ask!
    We got plenty of space available to share our talents... any kind of talent!
    Music is always welcome!

    See you around!
  3. Welcome, Steam ^.^
    Maybe you and I could get together for a little.. supernatural romance? -wiggly brows- hahaha
    Anywho! You came during Sci-fi month.. which is good!
    If you have any question don't be scared to ask.
  4. Welcome to Iwaku.

    My name is Bionic Neko Tetsu.

    Its a pleasure to help you here and I hope you enjoy your stay =D
  5. Welcome aboard, Stempunk-cyborged Rper! We're glad to have you.

    I'm October! Hope you enjoy your time here.
  6. Why does everyone keep thinking they can't do anything ;_; The welcome message says you can do ANYTHING... but the private messages. Is it not clear, or are people not seeing it?

    Also, welcome to the community! 8D
  7. Heya welcome to the forums, theres alot of Steampunks here as well go to the groups on the bar under the title banner and search it I'm pretty sure theres a steam punk groupo ,try to have fun Rping and enjoy yourself here at Iwaku.
    (haha look at me, acting like I'm a veteran)
  8. Thanks for SUCH a warm welcome. I feel welcome already. *takes cookie* thankyou *noms* Celestialis, sound fun *winks* again thanks so much. Love this place already. :D
  9. OMG I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! We share the same passion but when it comes to singing I am horrible at it! Lol Besides that, I am fairly good at acting but not a 'pro'

    = w= Welcome to Iwaku anyways! :3 I am Lady Raimy or Rina as some people call me
  10. Hello, Steampunk! Whaaaa, you are crazy, with demos at 15. ENJOY YOUR CHILDHOOD! T_T *ahem* And roleplay with us. You should get lots of steampunk RP going around here! >]