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Hey Guys im Luke and im completly new to things like iwaku but i was used to write books and kinda iv'e spend time in reading so i think i could try new things more than just mouse or keyboard panic clicking.
And im now completly out of ideas what to say at start. Only i can say is just i got head for really freak things and storylines so i think i might give a try.

(and thing that u may have in mind that im very bad at ortography so please have it in mind and have little mercy )
Hi there Luke m'dearie :D *sneakhugs and presents with a cookie*

Welcome to Iwaku, have a whole lot of fun and give me a yell if you need anything, I'll help you however I can.
Freaky-deaky things are awesome~ :3
Hi there! Welcome to Iwaku! This is a really fun place to play. You'll find a lot of places to start in the Roleplay Signups. If you have any questions, any of the Staff is willing to help and so are a lot of the members. I hope you enjoy yourself here!
I will write something helpful later! I'm just responding so that way I know I have responded and... yeah. >< My brain is fried from being tired... be nice.
Hello and welcome to the community, Luke. :D A lot of us are aspiring novelist. I, myself am lazy and never seem to get anything finished. XD I hope you have better luck!
Welcome to Iwaku, Luke~
I'm Kitti and it's nice to meet you.
Iwaku is a very friendly place and if you're just starting out, I'm sure that you'll find plenty of people who will be patient with you and help out.
If you need help with anything, please don't hesitate to ask.
Thanks all :D Maybe later i will modify my post to make it look little better though . (Noticing all replies are made by females o.o")
Luke, I am your father
Though I am a woman
And never had any children
BUT I'm still your father xD
Welcome :) *a week later*
Hmm my father is a woman? Hmmm
Sure why not? :3
as long as I have a black helmet, then everything is possible xD
can red lightning sabre do the trick? =P i got helmet inside my bed somwhere but cant find it at moment xP
no, it must be BLUE
doh... *search around room*
hmm lets see...
Pokemon... ow i forgot to feed it...
Gutling gun...i don't remember i obitained that stuff...
errr *keeps searching*
Murdered Ninja...bleh
Another pokemon
More weed
hmmm i had it somwhere im sure of it!
*looks more and more and more*
Ow there it is *gives her blue lightning sabre*
NOW, I am your father ^^ xD
Join the dark force luke, join it with me, your father
Btw you don't have a choice your my son and must listen to me
But you dont have cookie! so no way im not going to join! :c
fine -_-' you get a cookie
but wait untill after dinner with eating it
*gives cookie*
mohahaha I did what darth vader couldn't do xD
hihihihihi xD
Why didn't darth vader think of cookies? that's the solution to everything.. what an idiot xD