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  1. I haven't role played in a while so I'm really excited to have joined this site which seems so vibrant and buzzing with creativity. What I'm looking for in a partner is someone who is descriptive and dependable in responses. I usually try to post at least three good paragraphs per post, most of the time more. I understand we all have days were our minds just won't stretch but overall that's what I'd like. I prefer to play a female although I'm not going to object to doubling up as a male and female for my characters. I don't like one-liners or people who just drop off from an rp. I am understanding if you change your mind, get bored or have other things going on but at least send me a message.

    I'm pretty open to a lot of things so feel free to pitch your ideas as well if you like my resume.

    Here are some plots I have at the moment:

    Angels & Demons:

    1. Once every 20 years an angel and demon are cast out of heaven and hell. They have one year to find the other and turn them (angel has to make demon good/demon has to make angel bad) or they will never be allowed back into their realms.
    2. Angels and demons walk among humans going and coming as they please. However they can only stay a limited amount of time or they will be stuck there. One character has been stuck in the human realm for a while and the other has just been stuck.
    3. A group of humans are searching for a way to cast out all angels and demons from heaven and hell. It’s up to just two (an angel and demon) to find a way to stop them on their own playing field in the human realm

    Assassin x Assassin

    1) In order for a long feud to end two top agencies send their best to kill each other because of all the casualties happening on both sides.

    2) Assassin is hired to kill another

    3) Assassins meet not realizing the other is an assassin as well

    Assassin x Intended Hit

    1) in order for the task to be carried out the assassin would have to get involved in the target's life for whichever reason the one of us playing the assassin would like. My thoughts were because it could be their style or because of too much security. However the assassin doesn't intend on become drawn to the target or perhaps drawn in.

    2) the characters meet before the assassin gets the job and now has to decide how they want to handle it

    3) perhaps the assassin decides to stop the intended hit from being killed as an f*** you to the organization

    1. Privileged x Barely making it
    2. Two people meet and start to form a connection. Later on they learn that their families have hated each other for years. But they’re young and in love. Can their love survive while their families oppose it or will they crumble under the pressure?
    3. A teen returns to her home town (oh how original lol but it’s a solid story)
    4. A woman who has custody of her younger brother moves them for a fresh start
    5. A girl moves into town after the death of her older brother. I haven’t decided if I want her to just try to be strong for her uncle or if I’d like her to get involved in the bad crowd as a way to cope.
    6. both plot and carry out plans to become serial killers
    7. insane asylum gone horribly wrong

    Vampire x Werewolf

    1. Hunting each other and become more than just hunter and prey
    2. Ancient prophecy comeing true and one chosen from each race must hut to find their salvation in a artifact
    3. Grew up apart from others of their kind and are suddenly thrust into a world of their peoples trying to tear them apart
    4. Drawn together by a pull. Niether being able to resists. One night out of every month the are stuck side by side until the sun rises. I was thinking there’s one day that both sides stick to their homes, not leaving because ‘something bad will happen’ Our characters happen to not believe this and go out anyway and that’s when the pull starts to happen that neither one can resist. Since the pull would only happen once a month there’d be posts where it’d just be one-sided (what’s happing in your own characters lives) until the pull would start. I’m thinking that perhaps the week before the second one they’d start to feel it but both try to fight against it causing pain until they couldn’t resist any longer.

    Vampire x Human

    1. Vampire chooses to protect human from a ruthless attack and become addicted to their prescense
    2. Human is chosen to be sacrifice for the clan leader and vampire has to track, capture and deliver them
    3. A human has lived with a vampire clan since she was 9. Now her creator and leader of the clan has been killed. What does the future hold for her? Will she be turned, cast out or killed?

    Vampire x Vampire

    1. Two clans fighting for centuries on end neither remembering the reasoning any more
    a) one of our characters goes to make a peace with the other side
    b) meet randomly not realizing that they’re from opposite sides
    c) outcast vampire who will not take a side saves the other's life and helps them end or win the war

    2. Vamps just trying to live in modern times perhaps one struggling with the past and uncertain about the future and the other the opposite

    Various role plays based off of books, movies and television shows. Some include: Harry Potter, CSI's, Hana Kimi, The boys of my house (Not sure if that's the correct translation. It's a Japanese drama), Treasure Planet, and X-Men to name a few.

    Alice in Wonderland/Wizard of Oz: A woman is involved in a car accident. While in a coma she is transported to another world (like alice in wonderland). Can the characters there help her make it home? If she can find a way home will she want to?

    Treasure Planet: Jim comes home. My character is helping out at the inn.

    Harry Potter:

    1. Fred has a problem. . . There’s this girl you see. . . that has fallen for his carefree and humorous personality. What’s the problem you ask? Well Fred isn’t liking her and besides he intends to be a bachelor for a few years at least before settling down. The solution? Fake date Hermione until the girl gives up.
    2. Lady H gets whatever you seek wheather it be impossible to find, illegal to have or hard to handle however there’s a price. Draco needs something and he hears she’s the best having never failed before. What he doesn’t know is that Lady H is actually a very different Hermione Granger in disquise. When he figures it out what will he do and just what will this do to how he thinks about her?
    3. 5 years after the war Hermione and Draco are offered to be co-heads of the Magical Research and Development Section at the M.O.M. How have they changed? Can they put aside their past and run the department together or will they both lose the job of their dreams because of their mutal stubbornness.

    Willing to do multiple pairings but have no other plots for different pairings since Hermione is my favorite :)

    Looking forward to the replies. Hope you're having a wonderful day as well.
  2. Hello! I would love to rp with you! I like vampires and horror and romance and assassins too! I post pretty well on my good days and I won't just leave without telling you :)
  3. intrested
  4. Hello, I'm quite interested in this, and usually can post up to... 4 good sized paragraphs on a good day, kind of depends on the replies I get hehe. (:

    Anyways I'd love to hear more of your ideas, and I like the AssassinxIntended hit.
  5. Wow! I'm so thrilled to see responses! When I got off yesterday there were many views but no responses. I'm a very impatient person by nature when it comes to getting things rolling so it had me a little 'grrr' lol. I'm a work in progress with my patience though. Thank you all for the responses. I'll be sending all of you a message so we can talk in detail about the rps. Once again thanks for responding!
  6. Added new plots and such. Still seeking more role-plays!!