New Mythos Section added!

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  1. Ladies and gents!

    Some of you might have noticed the shiny new Mythos tab at the top of the forum that when you click on you get an error page. WE apologize for that, you were NOT meant to see it. BUT NOW YOU ARE! We are announcing the shiny new Mythos section!

    Some of you might be scratching your heads ans wondering what this Mythos malarkey is... Well if you've been paying attention to the add rotation might have seen a quote by Ozzie Chanter that offers a concise description, for the rest of you it's very basically the narrative of Iwaku in RP form, influenced by real forum events with the members playing their own forum personae.

    The rest of the information should be in the section and if it's not, there's a discussion thread that's open to all!

    Have fun folks!
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  2. Way to rub in the fact that I never joined ;_;
  3. It's not to late to get in on Mythos Roleplay. Crimson Souls is open to characters and members can make their own universes.