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    (( music plays automatically on page))

    check out some of my new jamz, and now, neverbefore heard online, SOVEREIGNS GOLD, fourth re-edit. finally good enough for me to submit onlineand to our local radio station! SUPRISE!!!

    AND if you act now you get a FREE photo of me too! .. well.. for anybody who'd care that is! XD

    Lemme know whatcha think iwakusitas and iwakusitos!

    That was pretty cool. o__o

    Was that your singing voice in the Sovereign song? >:3
  3. course it was. i do all the sound engineering myself. write the lyrics, put the background in. everything. bwahahaha!
  4. Awesome Sauce!

    I knew you weren't just writing with a musician's heart. Pretty cool! Meh not so strong a singer, but use to be a mean clari/sax player back in the day...