New Membership Level, Less Privileged?



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Hey, I'm wondering if this is just a bug or if I'm just not aware of something. I recently got the banner-type message saying:
HEY NEWBIE!Yay! You now have a fully activated Newbie Member account. You can now use all of the features of Iwaku and play to your heart's content.

- Fill out the Roleplay Resume in your profile. It's a great tool to let others know what you're interested in.
- Check out our Community 101 Guide for anything and everything you need to know about playing on Iwaku. - If you made a mistake or want to change your User Name, you can do so here.
- Should you have ANY questions or need help, post a topic in our Feedback forum and someone will give you a hand!

Trying to click on the Community 101 Guide link, it said I didn't have permission to view that area, which seems a little contradictory and confusing. Thinking that maybe this wasn't a big deal, I then went on to check to see if a few of the people I've been speaking with were online. Upon trying to enter the page to see who's online, I was again given the message that I wasn't allowed in that are. I was able to check before, why has this changed?
Also, I can't even see the CBox drop down menu anymore. Was my account disabled or something? I'm confused, and if it was I have no idea why.
Yeah, I totally forgot to fix some of the settings earlier today while putting in new Spambot controls, and I JUST now got online and fixed them. XD Everything should be back to normal now. If not, post a note and I'll get it fixed.
So far all the problems I've noticed have been fixed except that I still can't view the online members list.
All fixed!