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  1. Hi guys... and girls i guess :D
    I am a 19 year old german GUY who likes to play video games (SC2 and LoL atm) read and play chess in a club.
    I have some experience with writing fanfiction but none with roleplaying, so dont be too hard on me :D
    If you have questions just ask me and I will be happy to answer them


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  2. Welcome to the site.
  3. Welcome to the Iwaku, Slayer. :3
    Read rules, post, have fun, make friends...and yadda yadda yadda...
  4. You'll love it here! We have plenty of roleplays to get involved with. If you ever need any practice, go to Writing and Creativity, else feel free to let one of us know of any 1 on 1 you'd like to do to get warmed up. There are other LoL fans around here. xD I'm sure they'll pop up soon.

    Let me know if you need anything. <3
  5. so tired *listens in one room over* Oh looks like I've got another to greet

    Hello and welcome to the Iwaku, my name is... well as you can see Shadow Ike, but please do call me Ike. If you have any questions for me I would be happy to answer any you have... Well if I'm around at the time.
  6. Hi there!
    I'm Kitti and it's a pleasure to meet you, please ask if you have any questions.
    If you would please fill out our roleplay resume, we'll try to get to know you as a roleplayer a little better.
    Germany, huh? How's the weather there? >_<
  7. Hey hey Slayer! I would love to hear about Germany from you! I really love hearing about places outside of USA! Simple curiosity, I suppose, So if you need any help, contact me, I'm sure you'll have plenty of fun on the site!
  8. Hi there new person!! :D
  9. why hello there.

    I be TC, the resident mad scientist.

    If you need any SCIENCE feel free to call.
  10. so as suggested im filling out the resumee cause it looks helpful and fun :D

    Kidnappable?: Depends on the situation, i woulndt mind with any fantasy or sci-fi setting and the only thing i would mind would be something like kidnapped for rape or such.
    Playing Habits: I am online everyday, maybe just for an hour but still every day
    Gender You Prefer Playing: Male, havent tried female yet, dont know if I will ever test it :D
    Favorite Genres: Fantasy Sci-Fi (always open for new ideas, if the setting is intrueging i will join other genres as well)
    Genre You DON'T Like: Yaoi Furry
    Playing Style: (Passive or Aggressive. A passive player is someone who needs direction and likes their partner to lead the story. An aggressive players likes directing action and controlling the game. Or if you're fine doing both!)
    Plot Candies: I really love battles and kind of overdranit scenes, like one of the characters dies or something like that.
    Character Stereotypes: Swordmasters, Elfs in general, Cunning characters
    Character No-Gos: Childish Characters
    Random Notes: Still new to roleplaying so dont be too hard on me :D
    Scene Sample:

    Saelion was taking a deep breath when one of the patrols nearly stepped on him. Being found now would have been a hard blow for him, not only would his mission have failed but his pride for being one of the best elvish rangers wouldnt allow such failure. As he began to relax his body again he could literally feel his sorroundings around him, the drying leaves that he lay in, the smell of fires the human encampment lit this night and the light breeze that ruffeld the leaves he was lying in. But enough with musings, it was his mission to kill a certain someone in the camp and he hoped that he could do the job with nobody noticing him....

    Iwaku Roleplays I'm In: None

    The wheater in germany is cold as hell, somethin along the lines hardest winter in my life
  11. So slayer...What is your preferred Quarry?
  12. i dont really understand the question. Do you mean quarry like "prey", cause if you do i have no clue what your are asking me :D
  13. Since I believe I scared away the last Euronewb I'll just say:

    Heißen Sie willkommen zu Iwaku und Herrlichkeit zu HSV! Schauen Sie zu, was Sie in Anwesenheit des gringos sagen!
  14. Haha :D

    I think i wont be a grammar nazi and correct your...well.... not that good german sentance but I really appreciate the gesture :D

    and I am not a HSV fan, its more like i hate them(I am a Borussia Dortmund fan) :D
  15. FFFFFFFF- Gloryhunter!

    Yes, thats what six years of not-so-enjoyable-german-class does to ya.


    At least you show some interest in soccer, god bless.
  16. Oh Noes
    my perfect english skills are not perfect??? :D

    Nah I know its not perfect but i hope its readable and doesnt disrupt the flow of reading, and regarding your german skill, i thought that you just put a sentence into google translate and copied it, but it would quite impress me if you did that out of pure memory :D

    regarding soccer, I am not that big of a fan anymore, played soccer from like 4 years old until I was 15
  17. Ok, I like this one.

    *Pets Slayer*

    Yessssss, I see potential for you....
  18. Started at same age as you and quit at age 13 :P Now I'm just another fanatic.

    I'm from Norway, so, "our" ancient language builds on "your" ancient language, cuz in the end, we're germans too. Just.....the grammar is hard for me to remember.

    ANYWAY, VERY INTERESTING DISCUSSION! I'll leave you alone, enjoy yourself!
  19. Welcome to the site Slayer! I do hope that will enjoy your time here!!
  20. Hello there! I see that even though Ike looked totally bored to meet you, everyone else isn't! XD Welcome to Iwaku!