New Markham: A Future Slum Signup

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  1. It is the year 2113, and the world has changed quite a bit since the Omega Corporation invented advanced robotics. However, because the Omega Corporation employs 90% of the world, areas without an Omega Corporation factory or store were desperately poor, almost to poverty levels (some in poverty too). One such neighborhood is New Markham, an old 1800's style neighborhood, with most of the original buildings still up but in very poor condition, as most families cannot afford to fix their homes.

    The Omega Corporation was created in the late 2010's, and started to grow massively with the invention of the cyborg body and advanced robotics. The company eventually obsessively started to buy up companies, with much illegal bribery going on to keep government officials from taking action against this. So much, the USA fell into anarchy and the Omega Corporation replaced the democratic government. Now, the world is completely ran by the company, and you either must work for the Omega Corporation or you live in poverty.

    How will New Markham face the future? Only the future can tell...


    1. Please keep a futuristic theme.
    2. No godmodding.
    3. I would like to keep it to one character at a time per person, for my sanity reasons.

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