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Hiya.Im kinda semi new here and would love to roleplay with who ever's up for it.:)
Well then, come on over to the Roleplay OOCs and take your pick of all the badass plots we have going on! >:D You dropped in just in time for a couple of really cool halloween theme plots!
Welcome to Iwaku! There are plenty of people to roleplay with. :D I'm Fluffy but for Halloween, I am... FLUFF NORRIS. *Does show off-y things*
Hi. I'm Batman.
Arsenal lies! He's a cuddle.

Well... a nightmare cuddle...

And if you feel like starting your own role play don't hesitate! We love new games!
Aresnal, that is so not true. Every one knows taht everyone's worst nightmare is Archetype.

Anywho, I'm Mabu, TNT, what have you. Generally, if there's a table-top game (Warhammer, DnD, WoD, etc) I'm involved in someway. Welcome to the site.
Welcome! ^___^ If you see a kroot wander past...tie him down for me.
Welcome to the site.
Hello and welcome to the Iwaku you have any questions I am here to help
Hello newbie!

Welcome to the site... and do try and enjoy yourself? Please?

Hey, welcome :D
If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!
Check out our awesome roleplays in the Roleplay Oocs section of the Board :D
Woot, I'm no longer the new guy :D So when does the initiation begin?
*Walks in with a five gallon bucket of paint and a paddle*


Anyway's welcome to Iwaku, If you have Daemon Problem call me
Allo Allo. Welcome to iwaku!