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Good day/night, everyone! :) So, I decided to make the infamous newb entrance! OHOHOHO. I be a joining this here forum... Yeppp. So, whether ya like it or not, I'm staying for a while. :U CAN YOU HANDLE THAT? Hmmmmmm... Maybe you can. ;P Anyways, chyeah. I guess, time to get started on making my posts look, OH SO AMAZING. /shot C:
Hi there adorably cute youngling newbie! >:3 I don't mind if you stay at all, in fact I welcome it! Please do check out the roleplay forums and see if there is something you like!
Hello My name is okami. If you have any questions don't be afraid to ask.
Ello Sangria! Me again. Just wanted to pop in with the official hello and my shameless attempt to grab more members for Table-Top Tyrants in the Groups section. Basically, any card game, board game, etc, etc, T3 is a place for fans to get together and talk shop, as it were. Anyways, there's my shameless moment. Back to the CBox!


Welcome to Iwaku, dood. If you need anything, feel free to ask! We've got lots of fun roleplays, groups, discussions, writing challenges and awesome people! You're going to have a great time.

Welcome to the site! Glad you're here, hope you enjoy it!

Your avatar reminds me of a futuristic Rubix cube! Awesomeness
Well, I'm new to this site at least, but I will still extend a paw of welcoming-ness. Welcome, welcome!!!
Welcome to Iwaku!
If you ever wanna role play with someone don't hesitate to message me. I'm always willing to roleplay 8D
A day later, and I look at all this! 8D

@Fluffy! --- Oh nu! D8 *shivers and shakes* Nut mi lunch moneyzz!! Haha thanks ;)

@TNT --- OHOHO. I feel the official welcomeness. B)

@OK --- Thanks XD I hate rubik's cubes, I can't fix them >:(

@Lawk --- 8D Will do <33

@Everyone else --- You were just too insignificant for me to mention :| NAH. JUST KIDDING. I be lazy, so PSHAW. THANKS FOR YOUR LURVES. <3 Will ask questions when I need ta and pester the whole forum OHOHO <3
Welcome to Iwaku! I'm your friendly resident Kumquat Knight (Don't ask)

I think I'm in an RP with you!
[color=#9[color=#9861AA]C: Thankies! Ohoho, I believe so as well.. C: Mezz's yes~? Ohoho and I see! WELL KUMQUAT KNIGHT... Off you go knighting on that unicorn <3 [/color]