New Jack Project: Member Spotlight

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Jack Shade

Original poster
Magical, Fantasy, Supernatural, Sci Fi, Steam Punk, Noir, HORROR, and I'm willing to try Romance. Speaking with Piro, I've decided that the staff aren't the only people that deserve the spotlight. Thusly so, I've enacted this idea in order to give ya'll a chance to strut your stuff (so to say) and let the forum know a little more about you.

This thread is a sign up thread, those members who want to be interviewed and have the results appear in our monthly publication need but only express the "HELLS YA" and I'll be on it.

Who knows...if I get enough volunteers we may even be able to swing two a month.


So toss me a word, drop me a line...and let's get the gears rolling!
What an amusing idea. I like it. With the right questions we can get to know some of our fellow members that we haven't gotten to chat with much, or even learn something knew about people we think we know. Yee-haw!
The rank and file just got the word...

Expect a torrent of grunts in this thread...
Sure, okay.

Obviously people need to know I go a whole lot deeper than "HEY FAGGOTS."

Oh who am I kidding.
This sounds like a great idea, Jack. I'm sure that this will certainly help a lot of other members understand some of the current members a lot better.

I'd certainly be in for it.
Excellent! Glad to have such a turn out!

Ryker and Ocha...I'll be choosing you two for this month. Wait a bit and I'll write out some cursory questions.

Let's get this party started!
Yay! My secretary is getting interviewed! >:D
*clutches pearls* Oh my! Sounds potentially scandalous! Count me in.
*A pair of Minigunners tackle Pixie and zip tie her.*

Minigunner: Target apprehended... Repeat, target apprehended...
I'll sign up, as well. ^_^

Sure Mir- waaaaait. *Examines the mod badge*

>: l

*Boots her back to the staff boards* Non staff only! :P
I posted that before the purple badge. XP
Oh, I'm a guy, by the way. >_<''
I know tha- oh

o.o bad.
*Ryker drills Jack with six .308 rounds from his AGR-16A4's precision rifle.*

Jest like ol' times, eh?