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  1. I've been on this site for just ever a month, but I never introduced myself so I figured better late than never! Hi, I'm IndiePrincess, but just call me Indie. I'm an aspiring fashion designer, but I've been leaning towards writing a lot more the last few months. I'm bad a conversation, have an addiction to ice cream (thank god for a fast metabolism, or I'd be obese), and I like to sing... a lot. I often don't realize I'm doing it until someone tells me to be quiet. It's an unconscious habit. I always have a song stuck in my head, and I have a some for every situation. I'm not kidding, you can test me if you'd like. Give me a scenario and I'll come up with the perfect song.

    Some random facts about me:

    - My zodiac sign is the leo
    - I run track and play lacrosse
    - I'm the epitome of sloth, which is bad because I love to play sports
    - I've got mad issues, but who doesn't these days?
    - Social life? What's that? O.o
    - Spiders and lint are the only things I'm afraid of. (I know, the lint thing is weird, but I have a legitimate reason for that one)
    - Music is my life. I'd die without it
    - I'm a total pervert, but people thing I'm really innocent and naive
    - I love makeup and clothes, but I'm not girly, at all. I'd rather die than wear pink, or sequins
    - dragon age: origins is my favorite video game
    - I'm the dumbest smart person you'll ever meet
    - I get along with guys easier than girls. I'm not a gossip, nor am I overly dramatic
    - friends and I dance at 2 am with strobe lights in our underwear. it's fun, you should try it
    - alas, I'm always in the friendzone. only douchebags and old men are attracted to me. *cries in corner*
    - to outsiders, my friends and I probably look like a pack of lesbians, but we aren't. unless it's thursday, in which case, game on (don't ask)

    I'm looking for people to rp with, since a lot of mine have died out in that last week or two. Feel free to say hi, I don't bite... well, only on Tuesdays. See ya around, and hope to rp with you :)
  2. Well hello Indie! <3 Glad you finally popped out to say hello! And so, a belated welcome! >:3

    ....and that twitchie barbie is creepy. O_O
  3. Welcome, Indie!
  4. Oh, just going through all the new arrivals, and then you pop up :)
    Well get that story of the ground ^^
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Not open for further replies.