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New iPAD!

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by October Knight, Aug 31, 2011.

  1. When I saw the topic, I just knew you were referring to the wood iPad dumbass.
  2. hahahaahhahah

    gringos so dumb
  3. Was she high, drunk, or certifiably insane? I can't say I can feel the least bit sorry for this woman unless she's got a mental condition that has her at a nine year olds intelligence.
  4. But they seemed so nice when they offered her a ride and some candy in their van...
  5. It's not her fault that 'home school' meant beatings with sacks of potatoes...
  6. *snickers immaturely* Good grief.
  7. ...wow fail on her part...
  8. One-fifty, one-sixty, one-seventy, one-eighty..... Good, it's aaaaall here.
  9. "McDowell told deputies one of the suspects had a gold tooth and was driving a white Chevy Impala with no rims and no tint."

    Well we know what hes going to spend the money on.
  10. Her mantra must be "I must not look at the electronics I buy" Sadly, she forgets to breathe when she says it and is often found 'napping' wherever she was at that time.
  11. Apple is all about free advertisement.

    Maybe, just maybe....

    ....apple is paying people to do this stuff for advertisement?

    Because I am struggling to believe anyone would buy a wooden iPad.
  12. Sadly I can believe it. Besides they don't need illegal viral advertising. They have a bottle neck for supply and demand currently.
  13. O0 That woman must live in an area where all the people can be "trusted" or something. <_< I mean shit, over here, everyone knows not to talk to, or be on alert, to people who come up to your car.

    ....also... It's an IPAD... Why would someone sell it to you for $180? That's just... ridiculous. -__-; Tells you how much education people get these days.
  14. Not enough daughter.