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  1. I have a few more ideas on my mind that I'd like to try out.
    Comment below or send a PM if you're interested! c:

    Plot Bases (open)
    ☆ Based off /American Mary/.
    A young man is low on money, he's going to college to be a surgeon and is at the top of his class. However, he's low on money, he's without a job and his ain't has died - who acted as his mother and paid for his college classes. Though, in need of money, he goes to search online, he finds himself looking at no-sex stripper deals with quite a handsome pay. In need of the fast cash, he goes to the strip club after sending the email. A private session between he and the strip club's owner is interrupted when he finds out that one of his men is severely harmed. Aware of the student in the room, he pays five thousand cash on the spot to fix up the wounded man. From then on, they find themselves dangerously linked together in illegal taboo and murder. (The movie is awesome but kinda on the bloody side. It doesn't have to follow the exact same plot line though, just a vague follow-along with it.)

    ☆ a mad scientist - hated by most, if not all, of his peers. He's seen as a crazy fool who only brings hell and suffering on those around him. People judge him before meeting him and even those he knows well find him a fool. So one day, the scientist creates a cyborg who looks as though he might blend with society - aside for the bar code on the back of his neck and inner wrists. The cyborg is highly intelligent and is quickly learning how to adapt and learn. Though he lacks most complex emotional responses, he understands connections, hate, and pain. He doesn't know guilt, regret, grief, etc. though when his scientist is in danger, a strange thing washes over his hardware and programming, like he's becoming more and more alive.

    ☆ A young person was strolling the beach while on summer vacation, wandering the beach along the night and enjoying the small water cliffs. Though, this person is a marine biologist and stumbles upon an odd scene in the ocean. On a sand bank off in the distance s/he notices what looks like a sea creature beached on the bank. Though when the upper half arises, the person can see that it's a half human, half marine creature. {can have any lower half, ex: dolphin, whale, fish, seal, etc. } In interest, the being begins to study the marine creature.

    Ideas without a solid base (open)
    ☆ Seven deadly sins manifest themselves, rip up from hell and bring human kind under fear. I had the idea that it would sort of be like an apocalypse theme. {Havoc, chaos, etc. Are accepted too.}

    ☆ A prostitute and/or stripper falls in love with either a regular customer or their boss.

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