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  1. Hello there! Seth here, and after a short reprieve, I'm again looking for people or peoples to roleplay with. I have my standard ideas, as I'll list below. But before we get to that, the basic information.

    I really am looking for an active poster (at least 1 post per day) and will understand if anything comes up, so long as you warn me before hand or just a quick "Hey, sorry this happened" afterward. I try to check back as often as I can, and if I know there will be a post waiting for me I will find time to post once a day minimum.

    Throwing related topic together here, I don't mind post length, so long as you don't mind me posting a paragraph on average, sometimes less, sometimes more. Grammar and spelling I expect the best you can do. (iirc, most browsers have spell-check built in them now. I know Chrome does. Grammar, just do your best.)

    If you have any questions for me about any of the above, feel free to ask!

    Now, onto my list of preferred topics!
    • Fantasy
      • Human x Mythical Creature (MC) (Fantasy or Modern Setting)
      • MC x MC (Fantasy or Modern setting)
        • MC may include any creature (humanoid or otherwise) of myth such as vampires, dragons, elves, dwarves, spellcasters, etc.
      • A wave of nostalgia has hit me, and my brain is churning over ideas I had cooked up years ago. I have had experience in the past with Pokemon-themed Roleplay, and it was dull. My goal here is to have our characters (I would prefer them to both be pokemon because of the language barrier, and because in my experience, trainer x trainer can get very overwhelming very quickly) have some common goal in mind and and either have previous, cannon connection or join forces on the spot otherwise.
      • Please note I am a notorious hater of Fanfics in general. I just don't like the fine line you have to walk for them to work.
      • Also note I've only had one past experience with something of this nature.
      • Final note, my Pokemon playing experience stopped at Diamond/Pearl, with my most beloved being Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald.
    Right. That's that. Please understand I am looking forward to any and all roleplay offered. I included a lot of information on the second topic because I'm paranoid and the first topic is a pretty basic, intentionally vague idea people roll off. If you have an idea, throw it at me. I'll do my best to work around it and compromise if I find something I don't approve of.

    Finally, my personal ideas. If you're not that great at making up scenarios (like I am most of the time) and see one below you like, say so!

    • (Fantasy, Modern Setting, Human x MC)
      • You're out on your own when you come across a tiny, injured figure on the ground. You can't seem to keep focus on it. It continues to focus and unfocus, sometimes a patch of leaves with mushrooms growing around it, sometimes a tiny female laying on the ground. What should you do? Is it just that bad pizza you had last night?
    • (Fantasy, Modern or Fantasy setting, MC/Human x MC)
      • Your lord has requested you check out a rumor that the townsfolk have been spreading. Apparently a child has been seen in the forest some minutes walk from your boarders. Whenever it is approached, a shadow passes over it and they vanish. No one has been hurt by it, but the huntsmen have reported a noticeable decline in wild game ever since the rumors have started.
    Sorry, no ideas yet for a Pokemon setting, all I have are possible characters I want to play.
    • Blaziken, Lucario, Absol, Jolteon, Vaporeon, Umbreon/Espeon (team), Haunter, Bayleef, Quilava, Houndour, Growlithe, Gardevoir, Grovyle, Dragonair
    • I'd prefer to stay away from true legendary-status pokemon, however if you absolutely must, we will choose from the same generation. (Although we may include them as an NPC if our story takes us to that point.)
  2. Hey, I make a habit of poking my nose to read all the threads being offered up, and I have to say that you've struck me as someone I'd very likely get along with. I can meet all of your requirements with ease to boot.

    I haven't done a Pokemon rp in ages, so I'm hesitant about that idea, but I can say I'm interested in the MC/Human x MC fantasy piece. I haven't had a decent fantasy-based role-play in AGES, so I'm dying to change that.

    EDIT: I think it's pertinent to note that I while I can post at least once a day, the times may vary so do not expect a schedule, as I've got my fingers in several role-plays (6) right now.
  3. Hello! I would be interested Human x Mythical Creature (MC) (Fantasy or Modern Setting) If I am Mythical Creature.
  4. I.. I don't actually know if I'm allowed to bumb. I never saw a rule about it but maybe I missed it? I'm always looking for people.
  5. I'm interested in your Rp ideas. Uhm if you would like to Rp with me send me a message.
  6. I'm easily interested in anything with Mythical creatures.
  7. I'm easily up for one about mythical creatures.
  8. Also and I would like hear your ideas RP about mythical creatures.
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