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    When The prince saw her smile his heart skipped a beat. He rather liked it when she smiled. It was very pretty and to tell the truth it suited her. So In turn that made him smile and pull her a bit closer to himself. As they walked inside the grandness of the castle opened up before them. The floors were made of granite and in some rooms oak wood. The walls were carved out in smooth, elegant stone. There was lavish paintings on the walls and every so often a statue. Most of were famous statues but others were of Angels and head shots of decendant's before Alexzander. His whole life he had rather enjoyed the castle, always appricating it's grand halls and furnishings. He had learned from an early age...and plenty of discepline that everything about and in this castle was to be treated with the utmost respect. That things were to be used in their proper manner and not in some childish game. Alexzander's mother had taught him that toys were for playing with and that rough housing inside the castle earned him many hours of study himself. That was how he came to love reading. Often times he would finish a few hours early and would be stuck in the library to read by himself. Soon books became less of a chore and more of a past time. Alexzander snapped back into attention as they stopped briefly. She pulled out a book from the bag she carried with her.

    It was an old faded thing but it appeared to have aged and faded gracefully...with love and it's owners frequent reading of it. Something about that changed his smile from happy to warm. It was good to see that something that so deserved respect finally recieved it. Then she spoke, telling him that she always had a book on her and it was unladylike. That she would love to see the library but would have to reject his invitation. He chuckled as she said he might find her in there longer after she had claimed to leave. The prince stopped in his tracks and looked at her a bit in disbelief. Books being hard to come by? Usually they cost a bit but here it was a resource that was plentiful. She shrugged and suggested he must know something else to do in the kingdom or castle. Then he looked her in the eyes, a bit of a disapproving frown on his lips.

    "Tsk, Tsk Princess...That won't do. Books in short supply? That won't do. A reader must simply have enough material to read on hand. Let me take you...I am afraid I must insist. Besides...finding a lady such as yourself in the library longer after your departure date dose not seem like such a bad thing to me. I think Ian would rather like that too. I would say he wouldn't admit it though but he would..."

    He chuckled and began walking again, taking her towards the library. They walked down a short corridor before stopping in front of two large wooden doors. Alexzander pushed open the doors with his free hand, the library unfolding before them. It was a huge room that was three stories high and a ladder going even higher to acsess books at a higher level. Each level comprised of ten to twenty long bookcases stacked on top of eachother. Every inch of the massive library's bookcases were full of books. Stacks of books were placed on sturdy Cedar desks all around the library, for there was no room on the shelves for them. He shut the doors behind them and turned to her.

    "So...What do you think? Feel free to look about...and if you find anything intresting let me know...or Ian."

    Out of the corner of his eye he saw Ian approach the two. His shoulder blade length hair was neatly but loosely tied back. Ian was a servent in the household but yet was dressed much like royalty. Alexzander watched as Ian stopped next to her. The servent smiled charmingly as his deep blue eyes met with hers before moving over to Alexzander's gaze. He didn't bow to the prince but just spoke, his voice a light baritone, warm and friendly.

    "Prince, I am afraid that I have not met our guest...Would you do me the honor of introducing her?"

    He chuckled and nodded, motioning to Sayomi.

    "Ian...This is Princess Sayomi from Cassinia...Princess this is my Attendant Ian."

    Ian looked back to her and gave an elegant bow. For a servant this man was rather suave and charming. He spoke to her before motioning to the rest of the library.

    "M'ladyship...If there is anything I can help you with please do let me know and I will do my best to make sure your needs are met. Feel free to explore."

    With that he let go of her arm so she could explore the place as she pleased.
  2. As they walked, Sayomi felt as she was pulled closer to the prince. As she felt the warmth, she gave a tiny smile. It was still odd for her to feel the warmth of another person on her, but she found that she enjoyed it very much. As they continued to walk in silence, she was able to smell herself. It was soft fragerance of lilac and vanilla, something that she made herself. She had multiple bottles of perfume at home, but they were all to unnatural and strong. She didn't want something to announce that she was there. She wanted people to be able to have a gentle smell for them to know that she was there, somewhere. She would rather her, and her personality, or more so looks, be the reason why people noticed her. Not because of a perfume that smelt more like something the maids used to clean the floors.

    She noticed Alexzander's frown, and she started to worry if she had said something wrong. Out of habit she gave a soft smile once he insisted on showing her the library. She did not argue, only followed. She did not want him to be disappointed. She followed him to the library. Once she walked in, her jaw dropped. As big as their library was, his family's was much better. A lot of the books that she had access to were under the watch of the scholar's. She walked in with awe on her face. She turned and looked at the prince, her face a glow like a child getting a present. She was in heaven.

    Once Ian was introduced to her, she nodded her head to him "Why hello there." She said in her smooth voice, that was slighty excited. She lost all memory of manners, and then decided to go off and explore. As she began to look about, she still talked to him.

    "You see, dear prince, our warehouse of paper a few months ago burnt down. It sounds odd, but the fire spread from a wild fire. It burnt down everything. We do not make paper. And with having other needs for paper, importing more then what we do for books, is something hard. Plus, we have never had too many extra books because of the amount of scholars that we have. They eat them like they are candy I sometimes feel like." She started to get close to the books, admiring the writing on each of the spines. She pulled one out, and began to look through it slowly.
  3. He smiled widely as she jaw dropped at the sheer amount of books. The castle's collection was rather impressive, it was the largest collection of books anywhere. Or anywhere the prince had been. As they came in further to the library he watched as the awe on her face grew. It was as if she was a small child seeing something for the first time. He loved that look on her face, it was...adorable. A small blush formed on his face but he forced it away just as fast as it came. He couldn't let her see would be utterly embarressing. Plus the prince had just met her. After the introductions were made Ian stayed near him as the princess wondered off; but she continued speaking to him as she started to look through the books. He listened as she told him of books and situation in her kingdom. According to her, thier warehouse of papers had burned down not too long ago...a couple of months. It had burned down because of a wildfire in their had destroyed alot in thier land and it made it hard to make books because of the high demand of paper and the low outcome. Then she told him that the scholars were constantly using the books so many others never had much of a chance to use the books. Then he walked closer to her, Ian wondering off into the library. She pulled one book off the shelf and started thumbing through it. He recognised that was one he had read atleast three or four times. It was one of his faveorites so a soft smile came to his lips and he took a step closer to her. The prince leaned in, reaching above her head and pulled out another book. It was a bookfull of aseop's tales. Another one of his faveorites as a child. His mother would leave the book on his nightstand after reading it to him. Then he would relight the candle once she left and read whatever he could. He then looked across the library and back to her.

    "I want you to take some of these books with you...alot of these books we have double of so help yourself Princess...Ian or I can help you. It's sad to see them sit around without someone to read them..."

    Then as he was waiting for her to respond he heard someone cry out. It was familiar....too familiar. His eyes widend as it registered with him just exactly who he was hearing.


    He dropped the book and took off towards the other end of the library. When he got there Ian was laying there, panic in his eyes and a blade in his shoulder. It was bleeding rather profusely and Ian was breathing heavily. The prince's eyes widend and he knelt down next to him, Ian looking up at him. Alexzander looked around the room and there was nobody in sight. He clenched his teeth...not knowing exactly what to do.
  4. As Sayomi looked, she noticed the book that was pulled out. It was A variety of Aseop's. It was one that her father had and kept locked in his study. She used to go and break into his study as a little girl, and read the book. One time her father walked in on her reading the book. All he did was laugh and pick her up, and hold her in his lap until she had fallen asleep reading the tales. It was one of Sayomi's favorite memories. It was one of the few times where she didn't feel pressured to do anything.

    She was very surprised when he offered that she could take any book that had a duplicate. They had only just met. And she could tell that books were something he enjoyed. Just as she was about to tell him that she couldn't accept them. Even with a duplicate, something could always happen to a book, and if he only had one, he might have to find it again before being able to read it. And she didn't even like that thought, He ran off away from her once a cry was heard. She followed after him, holding onto the dress so that it wouldn't get ruined. When they arrived, the prince knelt down, and she knelt down with him. holding onto the upper part of his arm. She wasn't sure what was going on, and not knowing frightened her. She tried to go over what it could be, what would have caused this, but her mind came up with nothing. There was nothing neither kingdom was doing that would drive another to this. They were just talking about more trade routes.

    "We need to stop the bleeding. Now." She said as she got in between Alexzander and Ian. She brushed the few stray blonde hairs from the bleeding mans face. She looked him in the eyes.

    "Do not worry. Everything will be alright. I promise." She said, her face and eyes both reassuring, while her mind was racing and unsure if she should even do anything. She didn't want to make anything worse. But the bleeding needed to be stopped. "Ian.. I need to get the blade out. You cannot move. It will be hard, but please, do your best not to." She explained to him in her smooth voice.

    She looked around for something to use as a rag, but all she had was clothes. She looked down at the bottom of her dress then shrugged. She raised it to her soft pink lips, and bit on it, then tore multiple strips from it. It was already red, so it wasn't like it was a big difference. Dresses came and went. A person was a whole other matter. She placed her knees on either side of the blade on his shoulder. She pushed on her knees so that it held his shoulder in place. She counted softly to three, then pulled it out quickly. As soon as she did, she put the blade on the ground, and grabbed a strip, pressing down as hard as she could on the wound in hopes that it would press the blood away from the open gash.
  5. Ian had heard news of the princess of one of the other countries coming to visit this place. But he didn't know from where. Since he was supposed to be Alexzander's attendant he was supposed to stay close to his side. But since he was very rarely taxed with a heavy task to accomplish the attendant didn't feel quite like the servent he was supposed to be. He had sold himself into slavery to be able to pay the taxes on his late father's farm so he could return there one day to start a family and life of his own. Yet it offered less perks on the social side of things Ian had come to love this castle. They, the king and queen, had picked him to be their son's attendant. He eagerly accepted and scampered off to the castle with them. Now it was a place where he could feel at ease. A roof over his head that didn't need to be paid for nor worried over. That and they offered him spacey room...well plenty of room for him anyways, a bed to sleep in and food to fill his empty belly. To this day he remained thankful that he had a job and not a care in the world that didn't have to do with Alexzander. The young Prince and him had played togeather since they were small children. Though he was a few years older than the prince they had grown close, becoming almost like brothers. The brother and family he never had. The prince's mother and father made him to do more chores but they were pleasant enought and treated him with a decency he had never recieved from socity. He was glad he would always have a place to leave and come back to. Though as Alexzander had to attend more meetings, become more busy so did he. He had to learn how to ride a horse and to protect Alexzander if need be. The combat took more work but riding a horse came naturally to the previously farm boy.

    The next few years passed and next thing he knew his parents were starting to urge Alexzander towards marrige and courting. He would admit that he did become jeleous of a woman getting more attention from his brother than he did but accepted that it would have to be done. Ian just wished that he could court a woman, marry her and give her a family and life of her own. But living here, having the work he did it probably would never be possible in anyway. Or atleast not without the king and queens consent. Once word had been spread of the princess and her family coming he was busy with preperations. Including helping Ian woo the princess once she finally did arrive. Upon their arrival he was in the kitchen, finnishing some chores up there and then went to the library where he met up with Alexzander and the Princess. It was the Princess from Cassinia, Sayomi. He had only heard rumors of her but she was just as beautiful as was told him. Long dark hair, fair skin, and a love for reading. Just like him and the Prince...or atleast the reading part. After being introduced he politly introduced himself and gave her a bow as most royalty expected from Street Rats. Then Alexzander let her free to explore the library. He went as well, going towards the back of the library. The street boy had know this place well and was a place he came to often to get lost in the stories that covered the shelves. After not more than a few moments he felt a huge amount of pain as he was sliced from the back. Before he could react a tall thin man swivled around him and buried the blade into his shoulder. Ian cried out in pain and fell back into the flloor. Both the prince and princess came running. Alexzander looked to be in a bit of a panic so she did something about the situation. She said matter of factly that they neeced to stop the bleeding as fast as they humanly could.

    Princess Sayomi then reached forwards and brushed some of his blessed blonde hair out of his face...looking him in the eyes. She then spoke to him, telling him that he need not worry, and promised that everything was going to be alright. There was a calm reassurence in her eyes and expression but his heartrate was starting to sky rocket. Not only from her being as close as she was but because of how fast he was beginning to loose blood. His body despratly trying to keep him alive but hurting him at the same time. Then he heard the words that he did not want to hear at all....that she needed to remove the blade and he could not move. It was not anymore soothing when she told him that it would hurt and it would be hard he just couldn't move. Her voice was smooth and soothing but it did little to help. There was panic in his eyes and pain shot though his entire arm and shoulder. Not to mention his chest...making his heart race as fast as it was. The poor servent boy wouldn't wish this upon his worst enemy. His eyes followed hers as she glanced around the room and shrugged after tearing some cloth from her own clothing. Then he cried out louder again as she roughly placed her knees on either side of his stab wound. She pressed down on it tightly though the shoulder already felt broken or at the very least out of place. As he listened to her quietly count to three he shook his head in objection. Ian knew it would hurt more coming out that going in since he could feel the jagged edge on the blade stuck inside of him. On three, despite his objections she pulled on it with all her strength and ripped it out of his shoulder. He didn't even notice her put it down as his other hand, the one attached to the uninjured arm and shoulder reached across and grip at the princesse's dress. His breaking became faster and shallower as he tried to catch his breath, the pain knocking the air out of him and leaving him crying out in utter misery. Beautiful but desprate pain filled eyes looked up at her as she pressed down on the bleeding, trying to make it stop. Ian shook in fear and pain as pain pulsed though his body. Looking over he saw Alexzander standing up and telling the princess to please stay put while he went to get help. The prince quickly turned on his heel and ran out of the room. Ian removed his gaze from the princess and glanced around the room. The mysterious man who had attacked him just a few moments ago had disappeared. He closed his eyes and mouth, trying to steady his breathing. It was improper to fall apart infront of a lady, especilly since he was a servent. He opened his eyes after a few long moments and looked at her, forcing the words to leave his lips.

    "Forgive me...princess...I should have...been able to...protect myself, the prince...and the princess....I...will take any...punishment you decide to....bestow upon me...and for...ruining your...beautiful....dress...."

    After forcing a smile he looked away, hearing footstep enter the room. The prince was not back yet but the queens and kings had come to see what all the commtion was about since It could be heard from the throne room directly abbove the library.

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  6. As Sayomi held pressure against the wound, she couldn't help but think. She wondered what was going on, and what sort of place this was to have people being stabbed. Her mind wondered to the other prince's that she had gone to see. Though they were not nearly as good looking as the prince was. She mentally scoffed as she thought. Her parents wanted her to marry who they deemed the best for their town, but Sayomi didn't want that. Her mother blamed it from all the books that the girl read. She wanted to have something real. She wanted real love, not like her parents, where they did eventually learn to 'love' eachother. But she didn't think that it was really love. She just thought of it more as that they learned to deal with each other.

    Sayomi remembered when she walked into the first prince's castle. She was so nervous, but he seemed to be even more. Her father had told her that he had already seen other princess' from across the land, so she knew that she was not his first. When they sat down to eat. Her father insisted that they sit next to each other, and within a few minutes, the two kings went with their food to talk in the study, and the two queens went into the library to gossip about only god knows what. The two sat in silence, eating. Not really talking. Until finally Sayomi got bored and had decided to ask him why he was so nervous, if he had already met with so many princess before her. The prince looked at her, then looked away before he finally told her that it was because of the fact that she had been the best looking, and her response was a scoff. She knew that she wasn't really that pretty. She was pale, had unusual green eyes, and almost evil black hair. She was an odd sight to see, and she knew it. She knew that her body was just fine, but she did believe that that was not beauty, that was 'Sexy' as her father had called it.

    When he servant spoke, Sayomi smiled down at him, stroking his cheek. "I will do no such thing. Dresses come and go, but people do not. I am not going to punish you for something that I chose to do. I chose to rip it, and I can chose to get another one.. This time I was thinking a nice silver. Do you think that I am too pale for that?" She asked him, trying to take his mind off of everything that was going on. She kept looking down at him, not breaking eye contact, and not letting it show that she was worried about whether or not he would be alright.

    "What is going on!? Did you not bother to tell us that your castle has been threatened and still let us come! What if my daughter would have the one injured?!" Her mother screamed about in the library. Her mother was more then outraged. Her daughter was not suppose to be in a situation like that. "It's usually customary that if your castle is being threatened that you tell the guests before they arrive, not after someone gets attacked!" She continued on yelling, before her husband covered her mouth, trying to get her to stop yelling.

    "Please, excuse her, she is rather protective over our daughter. Does anyone know what is going on here? Other then my daughter obviously caring for an injured man on the ground. What caused the attack, and who caused it exactly is more the question." Her father finally stepped in, trying to get to the bottom of things, without being rude about it.