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You can call me Mary. I'm 18yrs old. Ive only done like 3rps in my life, so I have lil experience but am hoping to change that. My fave rp genres most would be romance, scifi, and like supernatural. Although Ive only ever done romance.
My name is Mary. Im 18yrs old. Ive done only 3rps ever. I have lil experience. What experience I do have is with a romance rp. Im hoping to change that though
Welcome to Iwaku, unfortunately since you are underage I cannot offer my welcoming beer publically

*a Keg of Guinness materializes by the newbie*
She can drink everywhere but the states!

Also Hi, I'm Vay, here to support you in all your rp needs. Ask me or any other member of staff if you have any questions. Also you make two identicle threads, I'll merge them for ya.
So you're Danish or just a Dr. Who-geek? What'll be, newbie?

Welcome to Iwaku!
Welcome to the site.
I'll say it just like i said in cbox! You all better be nice to my BFF or I'll peck your eyes out!!! >:) Hope your having fun, Mary! :D
Thanks for the warm welcome guys! (: Torsty- Yes I'm such a Whovian. I love Doc who!
Ah, a fellow Whovian. <3

Late to the party, but welcome to the site X3