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  1. I role play as Dante from DMC and have since 2005. I came here from RPOW. I started roleplaying in 2001. A few questions. How di you add your avatar? I also love to do paragraph roleplaying and I hate one liners.
  2. hey bud! it's me Yume! i'll see you around!
  3. Hey, Dante you need to go to your settings and click on "Edit Avatar" and you can also change your profile picture it'll be right above that option. This is Honi by the way.
  4. Thank you! I hope I can use to this place.
  5. Oh my...


    I'm sorry about your RP site shutting down. Bummer, that is. Welcome to Iwaku and such! I am Iliana, and it's great to have you all here! If you need any assistance or anything, give me or one of the other blue people a tap, and we'll help you guys to the best of our abilities!
  6. DMC is a cool series. I've seen a lot people RP as Dante.
    And you have quite the years of experience! Awesome!

    Your avatar question has been answered, as for paragraphs posters, there are good amount of people who do post in paragraphs and not one liners, so you'll be ok!
  7. Thank you. I feel kinda newbish here. I post long paragraphs and I hope I won't get ignored on here. I can't wait to try to RP on here.
  8. Go ahead and start roleplaying! :D
    Feel free to check out the Jump-in section! I have a roleplay looking for characters here!
    You could also start up your own roleplay in any of our OOCs, but if one on ones are your style you... go ahead and put in a partner request :D
  9. Thanks! Yeah. This place is going to take me some getting use to. I am kinda confused here. I am gonna check out the groups.
  10. You have a new home here now!

    Its sad that your site shutdown, but you have a warm place here.

    Enjoy your stay! ^__^
  11. Thanks for the warm welcomes~
  12. hey welcome to Iwaku, I am new here too! maybe we can Rp sometime :)