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  1. :bsmile: Hi!!! I am new to the site. You can call me Navy for short if ya'll like! :bouncy:
    I like to roleplay the following fandoms:
    Avengers:grouphug:; Aliens:alien:; The Expendables:flattop:; The Hobbit:genie:; Lord of the Rings:bowarrow:;
    Zombieland:earth:; Harry Potter:broomstick:; Resident Evil (Just the Movies):karate:; The Mummy:medusa:;
    Once Upon A Time:princessdaisy::princesspeach:

    PM me if there is anything you would like to rp or even if there isn't anything in my list after all I can always make oc's for other rps!!

    Well I'm happy to have joined :bananaman:
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  2. Hey, welcome to Iwaku. Ever need a friend let me know, my inbox is always open.
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  3. Welcome, from an Air Force reservist :)
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  4. Awesome, thank u Wedge
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