New Here - Requesting 1x1

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  1. Hello everyone, I'm new here and looking to jump into my first roleplays.
    My Roleplay Resume is pretty much a tell-all, however I will list a few things here.

    I like:
    Vampires. (Blood suckers, not glittery ones.)
    Gang/Mob roleplays.
    Colonization roleplays. (Sci-Fi or Fantasy.)
    Warring factions. (Clans, armies, etc.)

    It's just a little list there. Looking for someone who would like to form a plot with me and get a thread going.
    Not looking for any kind of romantic rp, so keep that stuff outta here. :D

  2. I'm interested!

    I have an idea:
    How do you feel about a colonization roleplay set in a fantasy setting. Perhaps a newly discovered, rich in resources landmass is being colonized by a nation. Originally thought uninhabited, it is discovered to be the home of some very powerful, intelligent dark creatures who see the newcomers as a food source. A war is eventually declared on the invader's side, for territory, underestimating the forces that the natives have under their control. What do you think?
  3. I'm digging the idea, actually.

    How would the roleplay take place? Will our characters be on opposite sides, the same, ..?
    Will our characters have any sort of relationship with one another? (brother, sister, other family, etc.)
    What sort of dark power do the natives possess and 'what' exactly are the natives?

    Perhaps the invaders came too close to an area or some sort of symbol held dear to the natives. (Something so important they'd die for.)
  4. Yaaay :D

    I hadn't thought too much about it, just the rough idea. Both the same side and opposite sides seem like they could be pretty fun. Do you have any preferences or anything you're leaning towards? Also how do you feel about magic in roleplays?

    I like that. Perhaps a religious or magical/sacred place? Maybe something that holds some sort of purpose like manipulating the landscape at will or contacting dead loved ones? Just tossing ideas about.
  5. I've no preference here. I too think they could both bring some pretty awesome rp. If I had to choose I'd probably say same side, will make rp easier and more fluid I think.

    Magic is A-OK in my book as long as it's in Fantasy roleplays. What did you have in mind?

    2nd idea hit me right off. A magic, or relic, or something of the sort that has the ability to manipulate the landscape. Perhaps these beings controlling it have figured it out enough to where they're able to place strategic traps as well as natural resources and what-not all over the land.