New here and looking for some partners!

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  1. Hello! I'm brand new to this site and looking for someone to rp with. The jump-ins look a little intimidating, and I generally prefer roleplaying with small numbers of people. So I'd like to put out some feelers and see if anyone's interested in similar things so we can work something out.

    In the past I've mainly done Harry Potter roleplays, either picking a canon character or crafting new ones who exist in the JKR universe, so I'm obviously very comfortable with that.

    I also want to branch out, though. Some of the topics that interest me: romance with some kind of twist, historical periods (all of them), spinoffs of classic literature, interesting modern scenarios, historical revisionism/alternate universe.

    I do have some requirements/preferences:

    -Proper spelling and grammar, please!

    -I am an aspiring novelists, so my posts get pretty lengthy. I would prefer 4 or 5 sizable paragraphs, if possible.

    -I'd love if my partners were slightly more experienced with rping/this site than I am, and willing to pass on some wisdom!

    -Please be reliable! Don't leave your Uncle T-Bag hanging! (Praying someone gets that reference.)

    -Please, please, communicate as much as possible! I love chatting over PM about characters/possible plots/what's going on. Don't be a stranger who just posts and never lets me pick your brain!

    Looking forward to seeing any replies and hopefully finding a reliable partner or two! :)
  2. Well, hello! Damn, you summed up the basics of what I'm look for too. I do have experience with roleplaying, but not much with this site in particular. I've been on Gaia, Tinierme, Facebook, Skype, and I've roleplayed for about five and a half years, and generally like to do extremely long(Meaning over the course of AT LEAST a month or so) roleplays with thick intense plots. I'm open to multiple genres(Fantasy/Action/Romance being my favorite/main genres). Yes, I will be on everyday, and yes I do like to discuss my characters and plots. (I get extremely excited over roleplays (especially in the beginning) where I'd skip class for it if I could.) I'm generally on in the afternoon until about 9PM my time. I have some ideas, and character models, that I'd like to use. If you're interested, I'd like a new roleplay buddy. (My old one kind of fell flat.)

  3. I normally reply once a week. If that isn't a problem for you then I would love to plot something historical.
  4. Cory Finn Ray:
    You definitely sound like an ideal roleplay buddy for me, especially because you seem slightly more experienced and I'd love to learn a few things. I'm interested in most genres and I love coming up with new plots/characters, so I'm looking forward to talking with you! :)

    Celestialis: Awesome! Once a week is great for me, I'm a college student so I definitely understand busy schedules. I'll send you a PM! :)
  5. Intrested
  6. Cathedral: Sounds good. Send me a PM whenever you're ready and we can come up with a schedule/plot. I'll try my best to have long responses.. Sometimes I may only have 2-3 paragraphs though.
  7. Hey there! I would like to do something with the Harry Potter universe, most specifically either Gringotts, Diagon Alley or another school than Hogwarts that we could develop. Are you interested? This would be more world driven than character driven.