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Hi guys I'm Kurzon Fayt. I've been rp ing for best part of 5 years on other sites and thought i'd mosey around and found this one. I'm always full of ideas and i lovewriting, even if I never finish the books I start haha.

Anyway I'm here now so , as they say, Lock up your sisters and daughters. Tbh i have no idea what it actually implies but it sounds pretty cool haha any yes you'll be finding one of my ideas soon so keep your eyes peeled for it.
Welcome to the site.

I have no daughters or sisters to lock up though, but yea. That reminded me of the song "Bring your daughter to the slaughter" So cool dude. Hope you enjoy your time here.
HEY :D Welcome to Iwaku :) I'm Sakura, and if you ever need any help, come to me :D
I'm basically everyone's little sister so they're not here to lock me up xD
/runs in circles/ BUT YOU CANT GET MEE

Welcome =D
You just try and find my [insert female's name here] and I'll do the worst thing anyone could ever do...... Get asmo to lecture you while darkness trolls you, then get asmo to lecture you about darkness trolling you.

Though other than that if you need any assistance the staff (even me) are here to help as is This little thread where you can give us a look see at your rping capabilities.
Hello and welcome to the Iwkau if you have any questions just ask and I can help you

*walks off into the shadows*
Thanks for the welcome guys just to let you know i got my resume up and check here if you want to see the first idea for an RP.
Why hello there. >:3 I'll make sure to lock up the sisters and daughters, and leave you with nothing but the manly men.
Welcome to Iwaku! And I concur with Di I have plenty a supply of manly men they are much more fun then women anyways XD
*blushes* oh my thank you diana XD jking
Yes, locking up the daughters and sisters, left with the manly men and...ME! MWAHAHAHAHA! o___o I mean, welcome to Iwaku, if you need any help feel free to ask, I'm Zypher one of the roleplay mods so if you're looking for a game or need help starting one feel free to shoot me a message anytime!
Hi! I'm Torsty Gaylord, you can probably tell I'm a pretty big fag. I'm not here to help you, so don't come looking for me!
I'm basically everybody's big brother, I watch you and abuse you, welcome to Iwaku.
....Yes lock up all they young womenz. It makes my job kidnapping them all the easier.... >:D

Welcome to the forum. Don't feed Chaos, because he owes a lot of people money.
I have an idea pon RP adverts click here to take a look if you have some feed back questions please go ahead and speak up, I'll be happy to explain things and so on. and if you are interested in i'll hope fully get the OOC up shortly.

Depending on the responses I get of course ^-^;
Ello there. I'm TNT, aka Mabu. I'm unofficially the go-to guy for all things Table-Top. (ie: DnD, WoD, WH40k, etc) Glad to have some new blood in the mix.
As for the women and children, to each his own, I say.
I vote he lock him in Megane's cage and see how long he lasts.
Nah. Stick him in Sho's Corner and see if he survives a Cleansing.
*WMD demolishes the block with krak grenades and sustained bolter fire, "accidentally" tearing rory to ribbons*

.......Freindly fire isnt i guess.

welcome comrade.