New girl in town!

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Hey everyone, I am new to the boards, just joined :)

I'm not new to RP boards, but I haven't been on one in years due to real life commitments. I come back to the scene, and none of the sites I knew are around anymore, and I am lost just trying to figure out which ones are active and have the kind of RP I want!

So I might be a bit rusty, but I have several years of forum roleplaying under my belt, I currently play tabletop RPGs (taking a rest from 4e for a bit while playing some GURPS and Pathfinder), and I DM as well (currently running a Werewolf: The Forsaken game for my group). So modern or high fantasy, I'm your girl ;)

So anyone feel free to PM me to start an RP or just chit chat, I am hoping to be active and friendly around here!

Small question: does this board have (or could it have) iPhone optimized display? If it does, I would be able to use it way more often, as I am not on a computer all day, but do have my phone all day.
Hello there and welcome to Iwaku. I don't know about an Iphone display however it does seem to show up pretty well on my phone(DROID). Feel free to pm a question or message. I have quite a few roleplay that I'm considering creating. However there is one called A Tale Of Winter Memories which is a light hearted school life roleplay if that might interest you.

Everyone here is quite friendly and wouldn't mind showing you the ropes. Myself included. At any rate, I hope you find your stay here an enjoyable one.

~Best regards

Ps. I'm really into pathfinder and World of Darkness :D
Thank you for responding!

A school roleplay definitely sounds like something up my alley!
Haha no need to thank me :)

I'll pm you the link when I get access to a computer. Or feel free to explore the site and try to find it on your own. :)
I am actually reading it right now, lol! So I wasnt sure, do we need to create a character and submit it to be able to RP, or can we just jump right in?
Welcome to the site, Aglaranna. Not sure about an 'optimized iphone display, but Iwaku works great on mine. I get a headache trying to post more than a couple sentences on a small screen though, but that's just me.


We have a pretty solid group of DnD and table top enthusiasts here who are always looking for people to join thier games and talk shop with. A good place to start is by filling out a Roleplay resume. It's a good way to let people know your RP preferences and such. Other than that, just check out the Sign-up forum for games currently accepting characters. Hope to RP with you soon, and if you want, head on over to the Cbox and chat with us! We love fresh meat!...I mean new faces!

Hopefully some of this info will help point you in the right direction and answer all your questions, if not Feel free to shoot me a message : )

- October
Hey, and welcome to Iwaku!

A quick way to get started is filling out your Roleplayer's Resume or even filling out a mini form in this thread.

If you have any questions, all of the mods here are incredibly friendly and helpful (and are extremely good looking), so you can PM them if you need any help (they are the ones with the super cool coloured names!).

edit: Damn, October beat me to the punch!
I am actually reading it right now, lol! So I wasnt sure, do we need to create a character and submit it to be able to RP, or can we just jump right in?

In the roleplay sign ups section there should be a thread for character creation and what not. Though you may have to do a little digging to find it.
Welcome to the site! :D I have no idea how well the site looks on iPhones, but I can see about adding an iphone style later and pray it works. XD
Just checked on my iPhone, the site looks pretty good on it. Not sure if it would be comfortable typing up long posts on it, but it looks good and everything is legible.
Typing isnt the issue, you guys should see my fingers fly ;) As long as its passable and I can post, that should be good, but an optimized display would be nice...constantly resizing can be a bummer.

Thank you everyone for the replies and advice, feel free to PM me if you want, I would love to make some new friends!

I put up a resume and I am chatting with a few of you in the cbox now :)
Welcome to this forum!
Hello and welcome to Iwaku
I'm Kitti, it's nice to meet you.
It seems you've already started to settle in - that's great!
If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.
Thank you, Kitti!

Everyone has been so nice to me, I feel at home :) I am getting my feet wet and I am in a few RPs now, and I am eager for more! Anyone who wants to start and RP, check out my resumes and see if we are a fit and PM me!