New girl here :)



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Well, as the title, really!

I saw a link to this forum in someone's signature and thought I'd have a looksee. After a brief once-over, I thought I'd sign up and see if I can have some fun! ^.^

I'm 21, female, from London and live with my boyfriend. I'm in my final year of my Psychology degree at Uni and I'm going into Law afterwards. I'm a massive, massive petrolhead, and my car is my other love! :D

I've got facebook ( and MSN ([email protected]) should you wanna chat or plot or plan or anything like that.


~ Squidge​
Why hello there, curiously named new member! XD Why a lawful psycology person should fit in right well around here. >:D
Hehehe, thanks! I'm just doing that for the money, really!! Cars are expensive... >.>

Writing is a passion of course! Always looking to improve that. :3
Why hello there, curiously named new member! XD Why a lawful psycology person should fit in right well around here. >:D


I mean....Err, yeah...

Welcome to Iwaku. I'm Rory Evil Dictator Extraordiner one of the Admins of the forum. Enjoy your stay. Just make sure you don't feed my minion Vay. He's been rather naughty lately and refuses to use the kitty litter box.
Hello :D Welcome to Iwaku (:
If you have any questions and stuff, I'm here to help!

Ah, psychology degree? so COOL :DD
I was consideringg psychology, but it takes so much commitment && IDK if I can handle it xD

I'm Sakura. Nice to meet you :P
Thanks for the welcome! *blushes*

You have a minion, Rory!? I want a minion! After watching Despicable Me and Megamind, mostly! >.<

Hi Sakura :D Hehe, just as much commitment as any other degree, really!
*thinks* hmm... yeah I cannot shorten your name... Well anyway welcome to the Iwaku Squidge my name is Shadow Ike, but please call me Ike. I am the leader of Silverwing wolf pack and if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.
Welcome to the site.
Greetings 'n welcome to Iwaku!

Most of what cha' need to know has already been stated in some fashion I suppose. So yeah, hang out 'n enjoy your stay!

*Offers Squidge a present*
Ooooh, a pressie! Ta, muchlies!

*takes box, shakes vigorously near ear, a ponderous look on face*

Hi I'm Vay. Global Mod and overseer of projects and RP support. You found your own way in here part the traps so you can't all be bad. I'm a gearhead myself though more into thing with two wheels (even if my current vehicle sucks.. ITS CHEEP TO RUN) and often seen walking around in a big badass black jacket (covers up the horrible shirt I'm forced to wear for work.

Word of advice:
To stop Diana eating you either feed her posts or donut to iwaku, to stop Rory pressing you into his partisans show historical ignorance and to stop asmo making you feel like an idiot.... still working on that.

Well I;d better run back to Corvus >_> <_< >_>
Well if it's performance you're going for, there's not much to beat the bikes!

Cheers, Minion Vay! :D
Ah, nice to meet you, dear. Must really commend whoever had the link in their signature...
I'm Kitti, the pleasure's all mine. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.
While you're looking about, please fill out our roleplay resume so we can get to know you better.
Happy playing!
Thanks, Kitti!

I've already done so, just eager to get going! ^.^

Sadly I cannot remember who it was... it was someone on Gaia, though! Hope that, er... narrows it down....
Haha, that's probably either me or Mikun then... Could be someone else, though.
CERAMIC COWS! NEED THE WHOLE SET AND USE THEM AS BEASTS OF NURGLE........... *explodes into a shower of gore but it still standing there when the red cloud dissipates.

Hi there! You have no doubt bees warned that feeding me is a bad idea... and that is good advice. Very good advice. Though I'll also take you questions and give you answers in exchange! Isn't free trade wonderful?
What's wrong with Squidge?!


Vay... erm, calm yourself down!
Damn it Effort!!! <3

Hello new person!!!!! *wavewave*